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Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #12 Anime Review

In the final episode, no time is wasted on journeying to the site of the anomaly: Oasis and their allies are already there. Right off the bat, however, we did start in with cliches. A horde of monsters appears, which requires Aberdeen and Avril to stay at the entranceway to the Hooded Waterwheel tower to fight them off. As the adventuring group moves up the tower, another large group of monsters forces Nick and Garnet to stay behind and fight the rearguard action this time. Convenient how the strongest physical fighters among them were the first to be separated. When they actually get to the top of the tower, they meet Mizeh Altworth, who has inserted herself into the heart of the Artifact: speaking to the members of Oasis through telepathy, she tells them that she has tried to deal with the El imbalance by creating crystite monsters. This was necessary, since the alternative would be to allow the El to run rampant and eventually be completely dissipated. She warns them that to repair the Waterwheel is near impossible, and therefore he solution is the best one. While the rest look sad, Minette counters that this cannot be the right solution, since Altworth looks so sad. Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #11 Anime Review

It was a dark and stormy night. At least, that's how they start this episode, with the sound of thunder and clouds gathering. We then come to Aberdeen's house, where Minette has decided to willingly give over her core to save Miriam's life, though she makes it clear that she is doing this for her own reasons, and not for Miriam's sake alone. Aberdeen, for his own selfish reasons of course, is quite happy with her decision, though Minette thinks that Miriam will likely be upset. Leicester, meanwhile, rushes through the town looking for her. Carina, flying on her magic stick, offers Leicester a ride and also uses her magic to scan for Minette's core. On the way to the forest where Minette is, the pair are intercepted by Avril, who tries to stop them. Carina sends Leicester ahead using her magic while she holds off Avril. Of course, Avril is very hard to fend off, so the fight is quite hard for Carina to handle. It is extremely hard since Avril appears to have a special weapon at her disposal, a battle artifact. Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #10 Anime Review

Picking up from where we left off, Aberdeen and Avril are in the Oasis house, holding Miriam, who has been revealed to be his little sister, turned into an automaton since her real body was in poor health. But the disturbances in the flow of El in the world have made her continued existence problematic, and she needs a new core, one that can handle the fluctuation in the flow of El in the world. We know of one core, the anima perla, that can regulate El flow but, of course, that is what is keeping Minette alive. Without it, she's dead. Nothing gets resolved now, as Aberdeen takes his sister with him and leaves, though Miriam herself says that she will not agree to taking Minette's core to keep herself alive. The next morning, the gang regroups to decide what to do. They know that they need to protect Minette, since Aberdeen is pretty desperate. To ease things for the Oasis Clan, the Tortilla Sisters, who were stalking...I mean watching last night's events, come and offer to take up the task of investigating the El anomalies, leaving Oasis free to protect Minette. The group decides to just keep Minette at home, as everyone can be there to watch over her. Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Ep 9"

So, the Harvest Festival is over. What does that mean? Well, it means that it must be time for an info dump. Yes, Leicester's father and mother aren't just character accessories, they're here to tell us all about the imbalance in the flow of El in the world. Apparently, Altworth, the shadowy inventor and mentor of Agnes, figured out that the problem was tied to an ancient artifact, the Hooded Waterwheel that she mentioned in her letter to Agnes. Alworth went in search of the artifact and has not been heard from since. So, the Oasis gang is tasked yet again with investigating the whole matter. In the meantime, Minette is going off to visit her friend Miriam, the girl she met while wandering about town several episodes ago. She's not alone, as Nick is there to guard her. Miriam is never exactly in the best of health, but she seems slightly better this time. After the briefing is over, Leicester comes by to take over looking after Minette. Minette and Miriam are talking about a gift for her cat, and Leicester suggests a small bell with some crystite added. So, they go around town gathering the materials, since Leicester will put together the gift himself, so that Miriam doesn't have to spend anything for it. The final item is a small piece of special crystite, and the best source for that is apparently the Tortilla Company, so for the first time we pay a visit inside their building, with the Sisters acting in their usual manner (Ritos vamping for Leicester (ignored), teasing Salsa (successful) and being her usual snarky self). Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Ep 8"

Picking up from last episode, where Minette nearly had her core, which keeps her "alive," taken away from her by the super-powered Avril and her boss Aberdeen, the Oasis Clan holds a council of war to decide on how to proceed. Leicester firmly states that someone must be with Minette at all times during the upcoming Harvest Festival, a precaution that Agnes agrees should help, as she knows Aberdeen well enough, so she thinks, that he would not make his move if it could hurt bystanders. Aberdeen was apparently Agnes' elder brother's disciple. Nina suggests that they hire the Tortilla Sisters to guard Minette. Cue a special opening, as apparently we're not really watching Blessing of the Campanella, but the Tortilla Show. At least, that's what the opening animation and song look like. So, we have Minette being watched over by the Tortilla Sisters, with the slightly calculating Ritos trying to take advantage of Minette's cuteness for her own purposes. We see them go around the festival, at one point appearing before the crowds dressed in swimsuits in order to attract greater attention, while all the time advertising their services. They eventually meet up with Agnes and after wowing the masses with their swimsuits (even Agnes is bikini clad), they go off to the Cathedral, where it seems that Chelsea and the other Sacred Knights are running a maid cafe for the Festival. At this point, the Tortilla Sisters split from Agnes and Minette (so much for their guarding Minette, but Agnes will be around, so there should be no reason to worry), since they're the focus of this episode. After wandering around the Cathedral exhibit hall for a while, they then head out to the site where their golem, Golem, will be launching El fireworks for the ending of the festival. On the way there, they run into Leicester, who has something for Ritos, a device needed for lighting the fireworks. Once at the fireworks site, Ritos remembers that she had something else she wanted from Nina, and tells Salsa to go to the Oasis Clan headquarters to pick it up, asking Leicester to accompany her. Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #07 Review

Something is wrong in the heavens, as El, that magical substance, continues to gather in the sky long after the once-in-seven-years meteor shower occurred. So, Leicester's father, who is the high priest in town, has asked the Oasis Adventuring Clan to investigate why the El has not dispersed as it usually does. In order to achieve this, they are to travel to the laboratory of Mizeh Altworth, the specialist in making sentient dolls and other things. Agnes is happy with the idea, since she was trying to find her former teacher to begin with. They set out for the lab, and it is a good thing that they have Agnes along, since the path to it, which is inside a forest, is filled with magical traps of the non-lethal variety--they send you back to where you started. After a few times being teleported back to the start, the gang decides to allow Agnes to guide them, since she knows the way. After finding the house, Minette reveals that she recognizes the place, and Agnes then reveals that this is where Minette was born. Agnes knows this as she was, in fact, present at Minette's "birth." We then have a flashback to that event, which appears to have taken place some time ago, when Agnes was somewhat younger. At the time, unfortunately, there was not enough El to power Minette, so she fell asleep shortly after being awakened. It seems that the night of the meteor shower was the time when enough El was present to awaken Minette and power her fully. Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode 6"

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) As we open, Chelsea is receiving instructions from a mysterious woman who is behind a curtain (we don't actually see her at all, and can only assume it is a woman as we hear a female voice). Chelsea is tasked with preventing a calamity from occurring within Ert'Aria. In addition to that, the voice also has another vision, one specifically for Chelsea: in Ert'Aria, she will find happiness. It appears that it's party time for the Sacred Knights, as Duke Verritti is holding a party for them. This means that someone has to guard the sacred artifacts within the cathedral. The Oasis adventuring clan company is hired to take on the "quest" (which just seems to be a synonym for contract most of the time in this show), though not everyone is going to be on guard duty. Since Carina's father is the one holding the party, she will be there. Chelsea is, of course, one of the Sacred Knights, so she will be at the party. Agnes is booked as the entertainment, while Minette apparently has a large number of fans among the Sacred Knights, and they would like her to attend as well. So, it's basically just the guys, Leicester and Nick, who will be off on boring guard duty. Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #05 Review

Before the opening, we see a young girl playing with cats. Nothing special there. Then a boy comes out and the girl goes to him, with a cane to help her. What this has to do with anyone we've actually seen before, your guess is as good as mine. After the opening, we have the usual silliness around the kitchen table as the members of the Oasis Adventuring Clan sit down for breakfast. Their usual easy breakfast is interrupted slightly by the appearance of Garnet, you might remember her, the dragon they met back at the beginning of the show. She only appears as a floating image, but she's shown up now, as, well, she's bored. Wondering what quest she might help out with today, it appears that there is nothing for her to help out with: there are no quests scheduled for that day, so all of the members of Oasis are off doing their day jobs. This leaves Minette bored as well, so Leicester asks Minette to keep Garnet company. Nina thinks up of a way to make Minette happy: she asks her to perform a "quest" for her, to go out shopping to get the ingredients needed for tonight's dinner, which is curry. So, off Minette goes shopping, with Garnet along for the trip. While this is normally a really simple task, we are talking about Minette here, who seems to have the knowledge and experience of a 5-year-old (even if she looks twice that age). Nina is not without some sense of that, as she asks the Tortilla Sisters to follow Minette stealthily and watch over her. So, we get to watch Minette be cute and walk around town, getting slightly lost, but being conveniently helped along the way by others. Read More Click Me!

Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #03-04 Review

At the very start of episode 3, we learn that Carina and Leicester have known each other for a very long time. The standard "childhood friends" thing. Back in the present now, we see the gang engaged in...nothing special. But it seems that Carina is very interested in Agnes' automatons, especially Tango's ability to talk, which gives Leicester an idea. While Carina has to go off and attend to her official duties (as the Duke's daughter, she has things to do), Leicester and Agnes hatch a little plan. So, the entire group is off on a quest, a quest to find Black Rainbow Flowers, which are special flowers that soak up the light around them and glow with the colors of the rainbow. Because of their ability to soak up light, they also seem to attract crystite monsters, who prefer to stay in the shadows, so there is danger along with the beauty. Off they go by train, apparently the first time Minette has ever been on one (obviously). Once they reach the woods where they expect to find the flowers, Carina and Leicester take to the air, since Carina can use magic to fly, while the others go along on the ground. Of course, it must be time for a quick joke. Does one of the party members have a bad sense of direction? Why yes. Chelsea, who was already noted as having poor ability to read maps and find places, gets lost and separated from the rest of the group. The joke is double-played when the Tortilla Sisters, who have been tagging along spying on the Oasis group ever since they all got on the train, are themselves wandering around and Chelsea walks right behind them without even noticing. Read More Click Me!