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This Week In TV for July 1-7 2013

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Siberia (NBC) Series Premiere 2013 - Pilot

Siberia Series Premiere "Pilot" airs Monday, July 1 2013 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) on NBC. Episode Synopsis: Siberia (NBC) Episode 1 "Pilot"- Sixteen contestants from around the world are dropped off by helicopter into an unpopulated Siberian wilderness. With only the clothes on their backs, the contestants must try to survive this "last man/woman standing" endurance competition with no rules or help from producers or the outside world to win a big cash prize. Leaders and followers emerge as the contestants’ survival is constantly threatened as they are faced with frightening events and unexpected situations that go horribly awry. READ MORE...

NBC Wants You To “Get Lost in Reality” in New ‘Siberia’ Trailer

"This is just a show, isn’t it?" That is the nervous question posed by a worried contestant at the end of the trailer for NBC’s upcoming fictional reality series Siberia. The scripted drama focuses on a group of reality show contestants who find themselves playing a game that’s all too real while stranded in the Siberian territory of Tunguska, which was struck by a meteor in 1908. And they have good reason to be worried if the trailer is any indication: in the two minute tease there’s a poisoning, mention of a tiger and an impressive green light show. READ MORE...