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Silver Spoon Episode #04 Anime Review

We start out on a funny note this time, as Hachiken, probably the kid with the most book smarts in the whole school, is sure he’ll get the top grade on the dairy science test — and while he gets a 98, he’s blown back by the perfect scores of the supposedly “dumb” kids in his practicum group. So even though he gets the top overall score. There are plenty of more fun moments through the episode, as Hachiken is impressed by his roommates tractor knowledge (“Are you speaking in code?”) and when he finds what is obviously the KFC Colonel when he and the other students are picking up a pile of trash. But amongst all the humor, there’s another serious note, as Hachiken realizes that even though he’s the top student at the school, the achievement doesn’t make him happy. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/08/06/silver-spoon-episode-04-anime-review/