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Silver Spoon Episode #07 Anime Review

Hachiken is still at the Mikage farm when this episode opens, and appears to be doing well based on the comments from Aki’s family. On a suggestion from her mother to take a break, Hachiken decides to follow Ichiro’s advice and visit Tamako’s family farm. Compared to the other farms Hachiken has seen, this one is massive, and run with an efficiency that Hachiken doesn’t immediately appreciate, since it means that once a cow becomes even a little unprofitable, it gets shipped off to the slaughterhouse. Hachiken also gets the opportunity to see the birth of a calve, which while interesting to see all the effort put into making sure the difficult birth is successful, also leads to the funniest moment of the episode. The farming folk are delighted with the birth, and expect Hachiken to stand in awe — instead he’s horrified, and only says, “It’s gross!” Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/08/26/silver-spoon-episode-07-anime-review/