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Sister Wives': Kody, Meri Reach an Emotion Breakthrough in Therapy (Exclusive Video)

Kodys got Meris back, and that makes Wife No. 1 feel pretty special. You know, for someone who is still just one of this dudes MULTIPLE WIVES. The Sister Wives couple reaches a breakthrough in therapy this week, and TheWrap s got your exclusive first look at the moment. Let this mark the official emotional endpoint to what Kody calls the psychic baseball bat the two have been battered with all season. ...Read More... //

Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Leaving Husband Kody Report

The  Sister Wives   may be losing a sister come the New Year. Robyn Brown, Kody Brown’s newest wife, is reportedly planning on leaving the family in January after months of marital problems. ...Read More... //

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Brown Ties the Knot

Another  Sister Wives  kid has tied the knot! Mykelti Brown, 20, Kody and Christine's only daughter, wed longtime boyfriend Antonio Padron, 23, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in St. George, Utah.  ...Read More... //

The Brown Family Takes Drama to a Whole New Level on the New Season of TLC's "Sister Wives"

All new two-hour episodes will air Sundays at 8:00/7:00c beginning November 27. ...Read More... //

Sister Wives Daughter Maddie Brown Is Married

Congrats, Maddie Brown! ...  Read More... //

TLC's "Sister Wives" Delivers Supersized Ratings

TLC further spins the numbers for Sunday, May 8.   Read More... //

The Brown Family Opens Up Like Never Before in New Season of TLC's "Sister Wives"

Marriages, births, and relationship struggles will be served up for two hours every week in the all-new time slot of Sundays at 8:00/7:00c beginning May 8.  Read More... //

Sister Wives Family Responds to Utah Upholding Ban on Polygamy

The Sister Wives family has faced a major setback.   Read More... //

Court Hands Defeat on Polygamy to Family From 'Sister Wives'

Kody Brown and his four wives cannot sue the state over its ban on plural marriages, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled.   Read More... //

Three Sister Wives Want to Leave the Family Report

It sounds like Sister Wives family is imploding.   Read More... //