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The first two seasons were brilliant and fantastic. I truly felt that I was seeing what was in my head realized in the television tube. The things the characters said were stunning original and fresh. The plotline was instinctively compelling and left me with a happy feeling. The last three seasons were complete crap. I actually skipped the third season after the second episode in until the middle of the fourth seasons. The mere idea of Nate and Lisa getting married repulsed me, let alone watching it realized in the show. I came back to watching the show in the middle of the fourth seasons because I thought the author would bring Nate and Brenda back together after how season three began. I hoped that they would be happy together when the show ended. Instead, I finished the last episode and the only beautiful thing is Nate's new child was being born. I choose to rewrite the entire last three seasons in my head just so I can stay out of a mental hospital, myself. I mean, the last three seasons are a mind frak of depression. I imagine it all originated with the writer supposedly choosing to go forward with the artificial changing of Nate Fisher into a complete moron. I say this because Nate screwed around on Brenda and she forgave him for it; And, so when the shoe is on the other foot, he throws his ring at her? Then the writer refuses to let Nate get a clue, or two, and realize what a fool he was. It is this kind of Hollywood ending barf fest, that has me contemplating where I should stick to books, or not. I hope next time I am smart enough to just move on the next time I see a writer choose to make such a fundamentally flawed decision. I say hope because I am still debating on whether I want to give "True Blood" another chance after episode 11's fundamentally flawed plot twist. There, the leading woman decided she was breaking up with the leading man because he had to go to court, because he killed a man to defend her own life. I have to say that is even more moronic.


This show has the BEST SERIES FINALE EVER!!! The way everything gets resolved by fast forwarding up to everyone's death was GENIUS for a show that revolved around the same topic, death. I think I cried all the way through, while enjoying the happy and sad moments surrounding everybody's life. The pairing of life's passing by with Claire's drive to her new life was very imaginative. I couldn't have thought of a better send off to this amazing show.

Great Show

This is such a great show. I love how deep the show is.