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Sket Dance Episode #59 Anime Review

While we’ve had some material involving Tsubaki recently, there hasn’t been all that much on the student council itself. Which is a little surprising since there’s still that competitive edge between them, even with Tsubaki and Bossun having now cleared up things between them. This episode doesn’t want to deal with that in particular but rather focus on one of the student council members, Daisey. She’s a very rough woman with her personality as she’s coarse and dismissive of everyone, making her an unusual part of the council that’s supposed to help others, but there are softer moments to her as well. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #58 Anime Review

After spending the previous episode working through some absolutely adorable moments between Bossun and Himeko that dealt with them texting each other unknowingly with passion, Sket Dance wants to "switch" things up again this week by going for the wacky science angle. Which isn’t bad since they have a mad scientist on hand to play with and that can lead to awkward situations which, while forced and over the top, allows the show to go completely silly for awhile. I do like when they play things mostly straight and real world, but being able to tweak things out in another direction once in awhile is definitely fun. And this episode is no exception as it does a double does of silly science that lets the group have some real fun. Read More... //