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Sket Dance Episode #75 Anime Review

The addition of Katou to the show is an area that still feels off to me, one where we’ve had some minor interaction with the character but certainly not enough to settle him into the routine. Which is a given since it takes time for these kinds of things to happen, though Katou keeps a standoffish approach which make sit all the more difficult in general. His goals within the student council are his own for the most part, but his presence and attitude on it definitely comes across very, well, wrong when compared to others. Even when looking at how Tsubaki was at the beginning of the series, it didn’t have this kind of adversarial feeling with other students. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #74 Anime Review

With the way this series works, they now have a lot of characters and situations to draw from and revisit in different ways. This episode does a kind of double dose of that by dealing with characters we haven’t done too much with for awhile. It’s rather amusing though when you get them to put a reference in the episode summary about where we saw these characters before, going right down to the episode number. Not that it matters much since it’s not exactly something one remembers easily considering it’s been almost a year since that episode came out and we’ve seen so many things since then. I certainly don’t feel bad about not remembering the ramen guy. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #73 Anime Review

With the showing having done its work recently in bringing in some new characters and adjusting the balance of the student council, it’s able to start moving forward again with some simple but fun stories. The shift in the dynamic of the student council is an area that’s going to be fun to watch as it goes on, particularly because of the new student council president but also the two new members, especially with the still mostly mysterious Katou. There’s a lot of things to be learned within that group and when they started getting more on the outside. For Tsubaki and Bossun, they’ll end up running into them the most overall which will lead to some revelations as it progresses. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #72 Anime Review

After an episode that really didn’t do much of anything for me on a few different levels, Sket Dance should be able to only go up from there. I mean, it had a gag story where Bossun was dressed up as a piece of poop for its entirety. The only thing that salvaged it was getting a different incarnation of Dante for awhile rather than his usual quiet and hard to hear self. This all came after a good run of episodes for the most part with some good and enjoyable stories with Tsubaki. This episode brings us a pair of stories that work a bit better since it deals with thievery and brings in Tsubaki again, along with a new character to challenge him. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #71 Anime Review

After a few good episodes dealing with a variety of different things, Sket Dance makes me cringe right from the first frame as you read the episode title. Genius Poopman Yearning. Hoo boy. That alone gave me reason to feel less than eager to get into th eepisode and the prologue dealing with a fairy tale version of the crew as a monkey, crab and a piece of poop only further cemented it. Sometimes they can do stuff with the fairy tales and out of continuity stuff pretty well and it can make you laugh, but other times like this it really is just cringe inducing for me. A show of this nature does need to take time here and there throughout its run to just have fun and be silly, but… Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #70 Anime Review

With some good silly stuff lately, Sket Dance is the type of show that does keep a lot of things the same but also does some things that advances the overall narrative. Changes do happen here, which we’ve seen with how Tsubaki and Bossun’s relationship has changed over the last seventy episodes. I wouldn’t have expected that or some of the other nudges and tweaks made from when I started watching the series. With this episode, more changes are in the offing as the student council president is now moving on and that means that others have to move up in ranks and continue on into the next year. The department members will continue to check in, but that does mean some things will change overall and we haven’t seen the last of them. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #69 Anime Review

Sometimes it feels like you just have to write off an episode by the way it opens, even if it does lead to a lot of humor. Sket Dance has had a varied number of situations that characters have to face, but when it focuses on the core trio and things that are more personal, it can really go any number of ways. Having this one open up with Bossun sitting on a couch and being all serious in expression, it’s not a surprise when he reveals the sudden intense need to go take a dump. It fits his personality in that he’ll avoid anything related to doing this until he needs to, making for an epic event when it is time to actually take one. Naturally, events turn in a way that has him really needing to go and being poop-blocked in so many ways by everyone else. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #68 Anime Review

While there aren’t many adults in the show, which does get to be a problem at times, when we do have them involved it gets to be a lot of fun. What also helps is that things start to get expanded with them a bit in a way that makes you like them all the more, though there is some mildly amusing creepy factor to it as well. What we learn at the start here, which is surprising to me since I don’t remember it before, is that Chuu-san has a young daughter named Suzu. And Suzu has taken a real liking to Onee-san as she gets her to do a lot of things with her. And Onee-san has feelings for Chuu-san, but it’s unrequited and unknown at the moment for him since he’s the typical oblivious male. Seeing the small but honest way that she’s in love with him is great and Suzu is completely behind it and understands where Onee-san is coming from. She even says plainly that she’d like her to be her new mom. One young and hot mom, that is. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #67 Anime Review

One of the things about the series that stands out well and isn’t like most other shows is the relationship between Tsubaki and Bossun. While it took quite awhile before their ties were made clear and we got some good exploration of it, they’ve been smartly not overplaying it and making it a gag or something that’s brought up in each episode with their being half brothers. So when the show does give us more of a look at some of Tsubaki’s quirks and how he does come to Bossun for help, it’s pretty welcome and helps to show the changes between the two pretty well. Read More... //  

Sket Dance Episode #66 Anime Review

With some fun having been had when it comes to Saaya and her interests and the way that Bossun and Himeko have danced around things recently, as well as a little fun with Tsubaki, there’s definitely some fun relationship potential going on here. But like a lot of shows of this nature, I can’t help but to feel that it’ll remain as just that, potential, with little in the way of real progress. It’s usually counterproductive for some writers to do actual relationships since it’s easier to write the other side of things. Still, Sket Dance manages to balance things well since it has such a diverse cast to work with and can massage the situation out for awhile without it really being too forced. Though as you can tell from the new opening sequence here, the cast of women has definitely grown in the past sixty-five episodes.   Read More... //