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Sket Dance Episode #45 Anime Review

While Sket Dance has a habit for a bit now for bringing in Onee-san for some fun, something we don’t mind since half the time she’s just a catalyst for the story and not the main story, there are others from the past of the series that get used far less frequently. And in some cases, for good reason. Such is the case where this episode brings in Onee-san again but also J-son, a teacher that I just have a hard time getting behind for obvious reasons. While the horror aspect is cute, it’s a one trick pony that just doesn’t click well. At least the first time that we saw him in the series. The couple of times he’s been brought back it hasn’t clicked so well. And with him going on arranged marriage meeting dates, it’s even more awkward. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2012/02/16/sket-dance-episode-45-anime-review/