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Michelle Confronts Tony in Skins Season 1, Episode 7: "Michelle"

Michelle's claws come out when she finds out about Tony's cheating ways. Let's just say: cafeterias don't need food fights for there to be an all-out rage fest! //

Sneak Peek of Skins Season 1, Episode 7: "Michelle"

Everything comes to the surface when Michelle (Rachel Thevenard) finds out about Tony and Tea in the next episode of MTV's Skins. //

Music From Skins, Season 1, Episode 6:

The woodlands of Canada are no place for a school field trip, since they're full of non-hallucinogenic frogs, possible ax-wielding murderers, and trust exercises involving large polls. But all the fresh air lent itself to some great tunes, courtesy, as always, of Skins’ music master, Matt F.X. Check out the list below and listen to the sounds of Skins.Source: MTV //

Behind the Scenes: The Skins Puking Rally

The Skins boys are all laughs about their ralphing scene in Season 1, Episode 6: "Abbud." (It's not as bad as it looks, we promise!) //

Behind the Scenes: The Skins Kids Climb the Courage Pole

Go on the set of Skins to check out what the cast has to say about the infamous 'Courage Pole' from Season 1, Episode 6: "Abbud." Were these dare devils shaking in their boots on the climb up to the top? Have a look! //

SKINS (MTV) “Abbud” Episode 6 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MTV’s new series, SKINS "Abbud" Episode 6 which airs Monday February 21 2010 at 10 pm on MTV. Episode Synopsis : SKINS (MTV) "Abbud" Episode 6 – The class goes on a camping trip in the woods where Abbud attempts to meet up with a girl who lives near the site. Read More... //

Behind the Scenes: Skins Cast Talks Friendship

So is the cast of Skins super close? Or do they not get along? Watch this behind the scenes video to find out! //

Skins US Gets In Style With Elle Magazine

The show might not be a favorite of bandwagon critics or purists of the original, but one thing is for sure: MTV's Skins is popular in its own right, especially popular enough to catch the eyes of Elle Magazine. In a photo shoot for the magazine, the cast of Skins were styled and shot by Joe Zee, who chose the cast for their racy and controversial appeal to model this Spring's latest trend: Innerwear as outerwear. The unorthodox styles that both incarnations of Skins are known for (especially with the the UK's latest cast, who are rocking 80s styles better than the trendsetters of that era), it would be fitting for the cast to model the latest innovative look for American teens. Read More... //

Music From Skins, Season 1, Episode 5: "Stanley"

Car chases, girl fights, and military police: Oh, Stanley. With all that action, we needed quite a soundtrack to keep up. Luckily, Skins music guru Matt F.X. came through with a vengeance. Listen to the amazing sounds below. Source: MTV Artist: Miniature Tigers  Song: "Dark Tower"Lyrics: Living in a dark tower, getting darker by the hourWill I wake up from a dark, dark daydreamNothing can wake me from myself, not you or nobody elseArtist: Bear In Heaven  Song: "Lovesick Teenagers"Lyrics:Lovesick... //

Sneak Peek: Tea Shuts Down Abbud in Skins, Season 1, Episode 6: "Abbud"

The Skins kids head to the wilds of Canada, where Abbud gets rejected by Tea. //