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SKINS (MTV) “Stanley” Episode 5 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MTV’s new series, SKINS "Stanley" Episode 5 which airs Monday February 14 2010 at 10 pm on MTV. Episode Synopsis : SKINS (MTV) "Stanley" Episode 5 – Stanley is torn between his feelings for Cadie and Michelle and Tony again tries to help him out. Meanwhile, Stanley and his dad work on their strained relationship. Read More... //

Behind the Scenes: Skins Cast Adjusts to Newfound Fame

The cast of Skins US is becoming famous, but they say its going to take a bit of getting used to. //

Britne Oldford on Her Skins Castmates: "We All Just Sort of Clicked"

Britne Oldford   isn't a crazy person; she just plays one on TV. On   Skins , she’s   Cadie , the character most likely to dismantle a small animal. But in real life, Britne is an oasis of calm and cool. She speaks softly and thoughtfully. She’s so cool that when describing her greatest irrational fear, she still uses words like "chillin’" and "hanging out." Read on for the deets on Cadie, the   Skins   cast, and a little ukulele named Frederick.    Read More... //

Music from Skins Season 1, Episode 4: "Cadie"

Where would drunken debauchery and twisted love triangles be without a rockin' soundtrack to set the mood? Get down to the songs that were featured in Season 1, Episode 3, "Cadie" — and channel all the Skins drama through your ears. //

SKINS (MTV) “Cadie” Episode 4 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MTV’s new series, SKINS "Cadie" Episode 4 which airs Monday February 7 2010 at 10 pm on MTV. Episode Synopsis : SKINS (MTV) "Cadie" Episode 4 – Cadie tries to come to terms with her eating disorder. Series Summary: Skins is funny, sexy, irreverent and genuine to an extreme. It also aspires to be heartbreaking, elegantly witty and subtextual. The show fearlessly pokes fun at parents, teachers, at the crazy rules of friendship and love in the teen years, wonky social rules – and any other random target it chooses. Skins teeters on the edge of acceptability all the time. But along the way, it stumbles across depth and truth – homing in on the difficulties and complications of young people’s lives. Somehow we’re never absolutely sure how. Skins is about loyalty, obligations among friends and the difficulties of growing up in the pressure cooker of expectations which flow from an impatient adult world. Read More... //

Skins USA: Teens "Thank" The PTC As We Die Laughing

Apparently someone else feels the same as we do concerning the controversy surrounding MTV's Skins . Yesterday, the humor website Funny or Die posted a video of teens "thanking" the PTC for the controversy surrounding Skins , because its taboo nature is now fair game for teen consumption. The clip takes jabs at some of the offenses listed by the PTC concerning Skins , which was dubbed the show the "most dangerous show on television" by the parental watch group. Another target in the clip is Taco Bell, who pulled their ads from the show and are now facing their own controversy surrounding their food products not being authentic. We would love to be flies on the walls of the members of the PTC as they watch this clip. They would probably be gagging for breath from an induced rage upon seeing the clip. Speaking of which, here you go! //

Skins US Extra: The Origins of Chris' 'Monkey Man' Nickname

Expectations were high for this week’s  episode, "Chris," and it did not disappoint. Crazy partying, naked falls down the stairs, wardrobe malfunctions, goldfish funerals… We laughed, we cried, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. But if there’s one thing the eppy didn’t have, it was the origins of Chris’s distinctive nickname, "Monkey Man." For that, you’d have to watch this extra released by MTV to get the deets from the man himself.And OMG, this episode extra is the bomb!... //

Are the Skins US Webisodes Better Than the Actual Show?

Alright, do your best not to hate but… We might actually be starting to like the Skins US websiodes more than the actual show. Seriously, did you see that last one where Tony, Michelle, and Monkeyman himself (a.k.a. Chris) were smoking out in a car on school property, then got a, um, personal phone call from Abbud? If not, it’s time to watch below, poste haste!Jesse Carere got the lion’s share of the dialogue, or should we say "bear’s share?" His bear recording speech was pretty hilarious.... //

Skins Sneak Peek: Season 1, Episode 4

Cadie's in a good place right now, and she thinks she might be happy. Take a look at this sneak peek for the all-new episode, season 1, episode 4 of Skins. //

Skins Director Gushes Over Talented Cast

Skins director Scott Smith is total teddy bear with a bucket full of words about his Skins kids. Do you think the big, bold adjectives match up? //