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Skins US Behind-The-Scenes Clip: Director Can't Shut Up About Talented Cast

In this brand-new behind-the-scenes video, we hear from Skins US director Scott Smith, who spends the duration of the clip spitting some seriously positive adjectives describing his cast. The clips sounds like he was asked to give only one or two words to describe each actor, but the guy just can’t contain himself and goes on an on about them. We agree, Scott! You guys lucked out with these peeps.Click below to hear the kind (but true) words from the man himself, interspersed with some behind-the-scenes... //

New Scoop! Which Skins US Episodes Will Be the Same as Skins UK?

A lot of Skins US fans have been wondering exactly how close the rest of Season 1 will be to the UK storylines. Well, the Skins US twitter just answered that question pretty definitively. The news was dropped today in response to a young fan’s complaint that that the US version of the show has been too similar to its UK counterpart.The tweet exchange went a little something like:@shannonhauser: @mtv the next episode of #skins looks every familiar. I thought things were going to be different?@skinsTV:... //

Skins Music: "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells

Resident Skins band, Sleigh Bells, will wow you again with this sexy/dangerous music vid for "Rill Rill." A raging chick driving through the desert...? (If it looks familiar, you've probably seen the vid from that '90s band The Cardigans, "My Favorite Game.") Check it out! And rock it out! //

New Skins US Music: Sleigh Bells' "Rill Rill"

Right after Skins US Episode 2 aired, MTV premiered a new video by Sleigh Bells, the band that rocked the Skins warehouse party. And OMG, it is the brillz! At one time we were on the fence about the Brooklyn duo, but have been totes converted to the dark side by their lush samples and sultry vocals, compliments of singer Alexis Krauss.The song is "Rill Rill," and the video features Alexis driving a muscle car through the desert, abruptly dumping the bloodied body (and guitar) of Derek E.... //

Skins Sneak Peek: Season 1, Episode 3: "Chris"

What's a boy to do? When Chris is left to fend for himself, he moves in with his hot teacher! Check out this new Skins clip to catch more dirt from Episode 3. //

New Interview With Bryan Elsley: 'Skins Is the Opposite of Porn'

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Skins US creator and show-runner Bryan Elsley responded to claims that his show teeters on the edge of "child pornography." Elsley told the Los Angeles Times, "The show is the opposite of pornography. It isn't us who are being provocative. I think that some of the people who object to the show are being provocative in the use of that word."Pardon us for a moment… *Fist pump!* Okay, all better now.Elsley continues, saying that his show never... //

MTV to Air All 10 Episodes of 'Skins' and Not Change the Story

MTV   continues to battle those critics out there and the bad press that " Skins " has been receiving since its premiere on January 17. The network vows to air all ten episodes of the controversial series although many companies have refused to be associated with the series about teens' wild life and pulled their ads.   "MTV stands by the US adaptation of Skins and the vision of its creator Bryan Elsley," the network said in a statement. "Skins has earned the loyalty of fans across the globe for its thoughtful and honest portrayal of teen life today. An internationally acclaimed scripted drama, the show has been honored with a long list of prestigious awards."    Read More... //

'Skins' cancelation rumors: MTV stands by show while advertisers and viewers scatter

Apparently, Tuesday (Jan. 25) wasn't another happy day over at the MTV offices. When the ratings for Episode 2 of its American remake of "Skins" came out, it showed all the controversy didn't translate into viewers for the network."'Skins' is definitely in danger of being cancelled if the ratings aren't great," an inside source tells FOX 411. "And MTV is not going to risk losing advertisers over one show."According to the site's sources, the mass advertiser exits could cost the network $2 million per episode. And combined with losing about half its viewers from the premiere -- 3.3 million viewers dropped to 1.6 for the second episode - the show will be on thin ice."There was definitely some kind of 'all-hands-on-deck' situation going on," a different inside source tells the site.In response to their story, MTV issued the following statement of solidarity to the site:Skins has earned the loyalty of fans across the globe for... //

Behind the Scenes: Skins Has Northern Soul

Want to learn more 'Northern Soul'? Go behind the scenes of Skins and get into the groove with Episode 2's dance sequences! And then get down with your bad self! Watch the video.... //

Reel TV News: Razzies, More Skins Controversy, and Could The Closer be Renewed? – 01/24/11

Happy Monday, SideReelers! Welcome back to Reel TV News, where Kira kicks off the week with some Razzie Award nominations. If you're not familiar, the Razzies "celebrate" the worst achievements in entertainment and movies throughout the past year, and this time, The Last Airbender and Twilight: Eclipse "lead" the pack with the most nominations. Congrats? In other news, more advertisers including pull their campaigns from MTV's racy new series Skins -- which just seems to add to the show's intrigue! And finally, despite all the conclusion buzz surrounding TNT's The Closer with Kyra Sedgwick, talk has been circulating that yet another season could be in the works. For the full details on today's top entertainment news stories, watch the video in the link below! Reel TV News: 1/24/11