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Skins Character Trailer: Tony - Wetpaint

The guys want to be him, and the girls want to do him. Get a closer look at Tony, the Skins rebel without a cause who always gets what he wants. Read More... //

Skins USA: Meet Your American "Michelle"

In every great love story, there is always a striking beauty who goes through high hell because of her love for a man. In the first series of E4's Skins, that role went to Michelle Richardson, Tony Stonem's beautiful, yet neglected girlfriend. Portrayed by April Pearson, Michelle initially did everything in her power to make Tony happy, even enduring hurtful remarks about her breasts and Tony's constant wandering eye. She also served as the catalyst between the friendship of Tony and his best friend Sid, who loved Michelle for her personality, not her physical appearance. Eventually, Michelle got fed up with Tony's shenanigans and dumped him after finding out some less than savory information about her dark knight in shining armor. In some aspects, Michelle served as the light to Tony's darkness, a fact that has transferred over to the American version as well. Read More... //

Skins Trailer: Is This Enough Wanton Underage Drug Use for You?

In the magazine this week, some dude takes a look at MTV's adaptation of Skins . In the piece, creator Bryan Elslely explains that he picked MTV for the remake because, "[Other networks] were saying, ‘We love the sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And can we have all that without the sex, drugs, and rock and roll?’" Wait, MTV was into all that stuff? Well, at least according to this new trailer (an extended version of one that had previously aired), yes . In just two and a half minutes, we get pills, booze, bathroom make-outs, marijuana being smoked in two or three different manners, lies, shirtlessness, cars with too many passengers, sex toys, and Sleigh Bells, all running backwards for added oomph. This isn't actually a clip from the show, though, but just a scene shot specifically for promo purposes, intended to display the boundaries U.S. Skins is willing to cross. Convinced yet? //

Skins U.S. Warehouse Party Headliners Announced! - Wetpaint

For those of you Skins U.S. fans planning to roll out to the NYC warehouse rave, show producers have released your headliners… And O to the MG, are you in for a night!We had already dropped the news that Ruskin is playing the show, which in itself is pretty epic — dude’s got mad keytar skills. But word is he’ll be joined by none other than noise-pop dance fiends, Sleigh Bells! This party just went from "Hm, could be good," to "Where’s my keys? I’ll call in to work on the way!"Sleigh... //

Skins USA: Meet Your American 'Tony'

As any fan of Skins will tell you, the character of Tony is as integral to the first two seasons of the show as sex is to Grey's Anatomy . Tony was the glue and the destructor of the core group, giving sage advice while manipulating the people he claimed to have loved only to serve his own hedonistic needs. In short, without Tony, you don't have Skins . Thankfully Bryan Eisley, co-creator of the original Skins , maintained the devious bad boy to lead the US incarnation of the popular British teen drama, who is not afraid to go there in terms of content, but has a genuine heart under its decadent exterior. In the UK version, Tony Stonem (portrayed by Nicholas Hoult) became someone you couldn't help but be drawn to despite his vile treatment of his friends, family, and others. He treated his girfriend Michelle like garbage, dangling her over his best friend Sid's head to keep him in check (Sid was madly in love with Michelle at first). Basically, Tony was the personification of mass destruction with a cold and calculating mind. Read More... //

Skins USA: What To Expect

When MTV announced they were adapting E4's  Skins , the controversial UK teen drama that displays gratuitous sex; violence; and heavy drug use on a regular basis, I was in the forefront of an angry fanbase screaming "Why?!" in unison. How could they possibly transfer  Skins  over to the U.S., where teen soaps rule the roast, without botching what made it a gem in the first place? It was deemed impossible and not worthy of a lot of fans attention. Then news of the original co-creator Bryan Eisley's involvement helped turn my judgement around. Later, my interest was really peaked when I found out the original behind the scenes format of the U.K. version (young writers, unknown cast, etc.) would still be in play with the American version. In short, I came to my senses pretty quickly to the idea of an American version of  Skins , musing that this adaptation could actually work. To Read More  Click Here.

MTV 'Skins' cast: 10 things they'd never want their parents to know

MTV hasn't even premiered its American version of UK show "Skins" about a group of hard-partying teens with issues and we're already seeing conservative TV groups railing about the show.Fans of the British version are sure that MTV will water down the concept for American audiences (and we can't say we disagree with them). Still, we think the series will push some buttons over at the Parents Television Council. Oh, hush, already.Nevertheless, we still know very little about just which buttons "Skins" will push. But in the video below from, the cast tells us what their characters would never want their parents to know. From what they're doing when they say they're studying or hm, stealing a car... these kids are just being kids. Right? "Skins" premieres Monday, Jan. 17 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Read More.... //

‘Skins’ Will Arrive Soon on MTV, Baring All That It Can

In a downstairs recording studio in the West Village, Bryan Elsley, a co-creator of the British teenage comedy-drama "Skins," was guiding James Newman, a star of the MTV remake of the show, through a typical line of dialogue. Conjuring up his confidence, Mr. Newman, a handsome, baby-faced 18-year-old who plays Tony, the cocky ringleader of a high school clique, said to an unseen co-star, "Normal girls like it." Mr. Elsley offered his thoughts on the line reading: "If you could be slightly scandalized," he said, "but also amused." To Read More Click Here. //

Skins U.S. Sends a New Years Message - Wetpaint

The good people at Skins U.S. have posted a special New Year’s message to their blog, and it’s um, pretty Skins-tastic. Fans of the show wondering whether the Skins kids are into New Years resolutions may want to head over and see what the fuss is all about. Source Here

Skins: Holiday Promo - Wetpaint

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! And we know the Skins kids have been very naughty this holiday season. Check out this new promo and mark your calendars for January 17, 2011! Source Here