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Skins Latest Episode: Season 3, Episode 5 - 'Freddie'

Freddie despises her lust for celebrity but is emotionally blackmailed into upholding the story Karen and their Dad, Leo (Simon Day), are spinning. On top of this, living in the shadow of the increasingly reckless Cook (Jack O' Connell) is becoming too much to bear. When Effy (Kaya Scoledario) turns up at his shed, Freddie doesn't know what to do with himself; there's a always been a connection between them. Freddie feels torn between his family, his friends, and his heart, and the isolation is overwhelming. Will Freddie start to put himself first, or will he retreat to his shed, and beloved skateboard, as he always has before? Watch & Discuss: Watch Skins: Season 3, Episode 5 - 'Freddie'

Skins Latest Episode: Season 3, Episode 4 - 'Pandora'

With the first and only boy Pandora's (Lisa Backwell) ever fancied having been deported, Pandora is desperate to have some fun and decides to throw a party. Unbeknown to Pandora, Katie (Megan Prescott) has used some rather special ingredients in the chocolate brownies, which take the party to another level. Effy (Kaya Scodelario) knows, but hasn't warned Pandora or her Mum Angela (Sally Phillips) who is munching happily on the choccie treats. Effy can only look on while her best friend's Mum's behaviour gets increasingly bizarre. An angry Pandora grabs the fun where she can, and towards the end of the evening let's her heart rule her head... but will she regret it the morning? Watch & Discuss: Watch Skins: Season 3, Episode 4 - 'Pandora'

MTV to Develop US Version of Skins - Featured

MTV announced Monday that they will be developing a US-version of the popular British series Skins . The question is...will it be the next The Office (success!) or the next Coupling (failure) in terms of a British-to-US show adaptation. Skins follows a group of teenagers - and uniquely casts unknown actors and employs young, inexperienced writers. It is also known for its nudity, language, and drug use - most of which probably cannot be shown on MTV . However, an MTV VP of Series Development promises that they will "preserve the authenticity of the British version" and will "not water it down too much", though it is true that "MTV's version will not show nudity and will not use a certain few four-letter words." So what say you? Are you excited for the US version of Skins or is this a disaster in the making? Source

Skins Latest Episode: Season 3, Episode 3 - Thomas

Thomas (Merveille Lukeba) arrives alone in the UK from the Congo. His family are due to join him in a few days, and he has to find somewhere for them to live. He finds an abandoned flat on an estate, but little does he know that local gangster Johnny White (Mackenzie Crook) is his new landlord, and there-s no way Johnny's going to let him live there for free. Thomas has to fend for himself, but a chance encounter at a bus stop, and a mutual love of donuts brings him together with Pandora (Lisa Backwell) and Effy (Kaya Scoledario). It's fate for Pandora and Thomas, who hit it off immediately she takes him to see her Aunt Elizabeth (Maureen Lipman), who just might have the answer to Thomas' insolvency, with a rather unconventional money-making scheme. Watch & Discuss: Watch Skins Season 3, Episode 3 - Thomas

Skins Latest Episode: Season 3, Episode 2 - Cook

It's Cook's (Jack O'Connell) 17th birthday, and half the college have been invited to his uncle's pub to witness a night Cook believes will go down in history. The girls get are about to leave when Freddie (Luke Pasqualino) gets a phone call from his sister Karen (Klariza Clayton). She's at her best friend Kayleigh's (Amy Burnett) engagement party and they want to get the party started. The gang head off uninvited. Cook attracts the attention of Kayleigh's dad, notorious local gangster Johnny White (Mackenzie Crook). The party is a timid affair, so - ignoring Freddie's warnings about Johnny White - Cook decides to do as the Cookie monster does and up the tempo, and the evening takes a turn for the worst. Watch & Discuss: Watch Skins Season 3, Episode 2: Cook

Skins Latest Episode: Season 3. Episode 1: Everyone

A new school year begins at Roundview College in the third-season opener, and a trio of pals become smitten with Eiffy. Meanwhile, Pandora is determined to lose her virginity. Watch & Discuss: Watch Season 3, Episode 1: Everyone Top Ten: Gay TV Characters

Gay and lesbian roles have come out of the closet and onto the small screen. Here are's picks for the most realistic portrayals of LGBT life on today's TV schedule. In 1998, Will and Jack of NBC's hit comedy Will & Grace were some of the only gay people on TV -- and stereotypical ones at that. But their popularity helped pave the way for the more complex lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) roles we see on the small screen now. Even though the numbers are still small -- a recent study by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) found that only 2.6 percent of the characters on primetime broadcast shows are LGBT -- TV is (finally!) getting gayer by the day. Here are some of our LGBT favorites. 10. Gossip Girl (The CW) Character: Erik van der Woodsen In this bitchy, fashion-conscious drama for the young, female demographic, Gossip Girl's Eric van der Woodsen sticks out. Every girly girl wants a gay best friend, and Eric's sexual orientation rounds out the stereotype -- of young female divas, that is. The nature of the show means Eric is just an accessory to the girls, but we love him anyway. 9. True Blood (HBO) Character: Lafayette Reynolds Lafayette Reynolds is no diva -- he's a gay male prostitute who slings dope. Like the gay gangster Omar on HBO's The Wire, Reynolds challenges the stereotype that gay men are drama queens. 8. Raising the Bar (TNT) Character: Charlie Sagansky Charlie Sagansky, a gay law clerk on TNT's Raising the Bar, is so closeted about his sexual orientation that he has a relationship with a female judge. Though Sagansky isn't a major player on the show, his character adds complexity to the cast and reminds audiences that coming out isn't always easy. 7. Skins (BBC) Character: Maxxie Oliver Maxxie Oliver doesn't "deal with" being gay -- he's proud of who he is. But that doesn't mean he wasn't troubled when his best friend Anwar (played by Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel) initially had a hard time accepting his sexual orientation. 6. America's Next Top Model (The CW) Contestant: Ebony Haith An LGBT contestant from the first season of ANTM, Ebony challenged the idea that lesbians have a terrible sense of style. Any girl who doesn't want to dress butch and understands the difficulty of coming out can relate to her experience on the show. (Ebony's loft-mates condemned her because of her sexual orientation.) Of course, ANTM plays into the stereotype that all gay men are fashion-conscious (see: J. Alexander), but the inclusion of a gay contestant in the model house brought the issue to the forefront. 5. House (FOX) Character: Thirteen Thirteen, the only female member of Doctor House's diagnostic team, surprised viewers, her colleagues, and her boyfriend when she got down and dirty with a woman last season. The reveal of her bisexuality shocked many who'd simply assumed she was straight. 4. Entourage (HBO) Character: Lloyd Ari Gold would be lost without his trustworthy assistant Lloyd, a gay man Ari persistently mocks because of his sexual orientation. Despite his boss' insults, Lloyd knows Ari needs him, and Lloyd's grounded nature -- especially in Hollywood -- is an inspiration to all. 3. The L Word (SHO) Character: The whole damn cast Over the course of its five-year run, The L Word -- which received multiple nominations for GLAAD Media Awards -- featured a racy cast, countering the notion that lesbian couples are the least-sexed of all. The series (which ended in March) successfully explored same-sex relationships like Sex & the City explored heterosexual ones. 2. Mad Men (AMC) Character: Salvatore Romano Salvatore Romano is a closeted gay man working in a 1960s advertising agency, where masculinity means everything. Sal's fear of being discovered is so extreme that he goes to great lengths to hide his sexual orientation -- but who can blame him in such an intolerant environment? 1. Brothers and Sisters (ABC) Character: Kevin Walker Kevin Walker, the son of a supportive mother and the brother-in-law of Republican Senator Robert McCallister, struggles to accept his sexuality while facing judgement from some members of his family. Brothers & Sisters creator and writer Jon Robin Baitz, who is openly gay, does not shy away from the topic, and the show has been praised for its honesty.

It's out with the old in with the new when the BAFTA-nominated teen drama Skins returns this week.

There's a new gang in town this Thursday when Skins returns for its third series: Tony, Michelle and Sid are long gone and in their place is a group of new angst-ridden teens. The drama returns with just two of the original leading cast, Effy, Tony's rebellious younger sister, and her kooky best friend Pandora. The class of 2009, led by Effy, will continue to deliver outrageous storylines with the series premiere promising to provide nudity, drugs and bad language.

Skins: Check out the British hit now on BBC America

The British teen drama, Skins has hit the U.S. as it recently kicked off airing its 1st season on BBC America! If you haven't gotten to check out this show, take a look at just what this now international hit is all about! Overview A potent mix of humorous, heartbreaking and shocking stories unfolds as the group tackles the trials of adolescence while pushing boundaries and managing their parents in ways only teenagers can. Skins, which won the Golden Rose d'Or for Drama and was nominated for a BAFTA award for Drama. Tony (Nicholas Hoult) is the leader of the pack. He undermines his dad on a daily basis and effortlessly covers up for his little sister, Effy (Kaya Scodelario), the only one Tony really cares about, even if she does drive him mad. As the best looking and most popular boy in town, Tony's always taking the gang off on a new mission and loves a laugh at someone else's expense. He's dating Michelle (April Pearson), otherwise known as "Nips". Drop dead gorgeous, Nips has a quick wit which keeps everyone on their toes, and Sid (Mike Bailey), Tony's best friend, lusts after her. Poor Sid is a virgin with no confidence and Tony plays him like a fool. But Sid isn't as stupid as he seems - he'll get the girl of his dreams one day, just not the girl he thinks. Cassie (Hannah Murray) is the self-harming, anorexic with zero self esteem, but a heart of gold. At the opposite end of the scale there's Chris (Joe Dempsie), who is always game for a laugh and will do just about anything. Chris' passion is his psychology class, because nothing motivates him quite like his teacher, Angie. Abigail (Georgina Moffat) is the posh one. Pretty and pumped full of prescription medication, she lives in a world of imported carpets, private school and constant therapy - Tony has great fun with her. Anwar's (Dev Patel) family want him to study the Koran, but his interests are less spiritual. Completing the group are Jal (Larissa Wilson) and Maxxie (Mitch Hewer). Jal is Nips' best friend and the most talented young classical clarinet player in the country. Maxxie is magic on his feet, a whiz with his hands and can have any boy he wants. With daring realism, Skins is sure to take viewers on a turbulent ride through the lives of today's youth. Season 1 & 2 of Skins will air as one season on BBC AMERICA. Source: Check out more on Skins : Skins on BBC America Skins BBC America Promo Skins BBC America Images Don't miss Skins on BBC America Sundays at 10/9c!

Skins on BBC America Pictures and Videos

Check out some photos and videos for Skins , BBC America's new comedy drama, which premieres tonight, August 17, at 9pm (regular timeslot will be 10pm starting next week).