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SKINS (UK) “Everyone” Review

SKINS "Everyone"  Series  5  Episode  8 -  I’m gonna start  off by making it clear I was born in the 80?s not the 90?s. When I was 16 we didn’t have Facebook (imagine that!) My mobile phone was the size of a house  brick with a torch and ‘Snakes’…that was it. The reason I’m telling you this is during this week’s  SKINS  it hit me. This program might not be meant for me. This may be why I don’t like Skins. So I’m gonna put it out there and be honest. Here it goes…. The finale of this series of  Skins  still suffered from the same weak acting and dodgy storyline but on the plus side it was a vast improvement on last week. The setup is that the gang are running off so that Rich and Grace can get married. Alo is best man so has the job of organising the day. Rather predictably it all goes…well wrong. The opening was fresh, it was a good set-up for the episode. Frankie does a bit of breaking and entering leaving a note on Matty’s bed. Rich has his hair chopped off. They all get (dodgy) suited and booted and head off on the road trip. Read More... //

SKINS (UK) “Grace” Review

SKINS "Grace"  series  5  episode  7 -  When I started watching this weeks’s  SKINS  I mistakenly thought it was the last in the series by the end of it I was wishing it had been. On the whole the serieshas been entertaining…slightly ridiculous but watchable. There wasn’t any totally unnecessary Class A drug taking until at least 3 episodes in and it did seem to be attempting to deal with the issues of love, life and underage drinking that affect most 17 year olds. However this week  Skins  was bad….really bad. Ok so the premise was Grace has to get an A in her drama class or her Dad/The Principle will send her back to her posh all-girls school. Probably not a bad idea seeing as I’ve never seen any of them even so much as pick up a pen let alone actually go to a class. Read More... //

SKINS (UK) “Liv” Review

SKINS "Liv" Series 5 Episode 4 - The intro to this week’s SKINS warned us the programme contains "depictions of violence, drug use and scenes of a sexual nature" – finally! I knew Liv wouldn’t let us down! The episode sees Liv go on a trippy binge with the alternative Matty who she meets at a bus station having escaped the party being thrown at her house where the rest of the gang are attempting to smoke their own body weight in weed. Matty is potentially one of the most interesting characters in Skins and I was pleased to see him introduced. The episode as a whole was intentionally random – they were off their head on hallucinogenic drugs the entire time. We didn’t learn too much about either character other than Matty is Nick’s brother and Liv drops her knickers quicker than you can say Sexually Transmitted Infection. The part in the fancy dress shop was strange. A random sexual attack is not what you need when you’re tripping off your face in a bear outfit but Matty to the rescue as he bashes him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Read More... //

Skins UK 5.03 "Mini" Review

Control. Image. Love. These were the concepts that permeated the latest episode of Skins , which featured queen bee Mini McGuiness and her nastiest and most vulnerable moments on the show so far. Coming into the episode, there was a sense of dread of entering the mind of Mini due to a lack of a redeeming (or caring) quality about her. You knew there was something damaged about her and knew it had something to do with her image and constant need to control people. After watching the episode and finally seeing what makes Mini tick, I can't help but say that I am torn between caring and not caring about Mini's home life or the reasons behind her bitchiness. Read More... //

SKINS (UK) “Mini” Review

SKINS "Mini" Series 5 Episode 3 - This week’s SKINS focuses on the Queen of Queen Bees, Mini, as we get to know the girl behind the bitchy-ness. I enjoyed this episode as we get to know more about the characters we meet fleetingly in each episode. Mini it turns out is not the uber confident style queen that she makes out to be but rather a confused, exercise obsessed, lonely girl with a border-line eating disorder. Too insecure to have sex with Nick she grows jealous of the more free spirited (if not slightly slutty) Liv. My first impression of this series of Skins was that it was ludicrous and naff but as the characters develop it appears to be dealing with issues more firmly rooted in reality than previous generations. Losing your virginity, coping with almost crippling insecurity, jealousy and difficult relationships with parents are being covered each week. Franky and Mini have a moment at the fashion show after-party, hinting at a truce or even possible future friendship. And as her only "friend" has just come stumbling out of the toilet with Nick, Mini may need all the friends she can get. Read More... //

Skins UK 5.02 "Rich" Review

In a world of noise and destruction, silence is can prove to be your most viable asset. This week's episode of E4's Skins focused on Rich, a rebellious, metal-head who takes his metal lifestyle pretty seriously, claiming to never compromise his lifestyle for anyone. What Rich doesn't get is that his alienated attitude doesn't sit well with those around him, especially his best friend Alo, who blames Rich's behavior for his lack of a sex life. After finding the perfect mate for Rich in the form of a female metal-head, who they hilariously dub "Angel of Death," Alo, with the help of Franky, enlist Grace to help Rich learn how to talk to girls. Grace agrees to the task, but meets him in secret to avoid the wrath of Mini and Liv. The more Grace attempts to help Rich, the more he shuts her down in her endeavors, because he doesn't think their personalities mesh all that well. Later, despite getting her feelings hurt, Grace reappears to Rich dressed in metal-head gear, which impresses Rich to an extent. Grace, in her role of Sub, shows off her knowledge in metal but drops the role when Rich criticizes Grace for letting Mini and Liv use her like a welcome mat. This forces Grace to vent about her life in that no one, not even Rich, has a clear reading on her. As the episode goes on, Rich is embarrassingly turned down by Angel of Death and spurns Grace in retaliation after she invites him to her ballet recital. After a conversation with Alo about being true to himself gets ugly, Rich runs and buys an album that eventually turns him deaf. After he's lost his hearing trying to prove is never compromising attitude when it comes to metal, Rich ends up at Grace's ballet performance. Despite not being deaf, Rich sheds a tear at the beauty of what he sees. Read More... //

SKINS (UK) “Rich” Review

SKINS "Rich" Series 5 Episode 1 – This week SKINS is Rich’s story the metal head of the gang on a quest to find a girl to chat up who’ll share his love of thrash metal who isn’t like every other lame girl at school. Thinking he’s found the girl of his dreams working in the library Rich and Alo enlist Grace’s help to get some advice from the fairer sex on how to bag a girl. On the whole I enjoyed this episode. The awkward moments when Rich was trying (and failing) to ask out the seemingly perfect girl for him and then striking up a genuine bond with Grace over the course of the episode was sweetly played and affectionate. Mini plays the Queen Bee with just the right amount of over played bitchyness but it is Grace that has the potential to shine through. Very much one of the popular girls she also has a depth and kindness to her and she could develop into a really interesting character. Read More... //

Skins UK 5.01 "Franky" Review

Even though MTV has brought  Skins to our shores in its own form (which I actually like), there is nothing like the real thing, baby. Thursday night was the premiere of the new series of  Skins in the UK, which featured the introduction of the Third Generation cast, which features some of the most interesting characters ever created in the world of  Skins . The most intriguing person out of the new set of wild Bristol teens, Franky Fitzgerald (Dakota Blue Richards), was the focus point of the premiere, making the episode one of the best hours  Skins has ever produced. Franky (short for Francesca) is new in town and easily stands out with her choice of clothing, making her androgynous in appearance and being labeled a lesbian by peers. She also carries around a wooden manikin that seems to have some symbolic nature to it other than modeling for her short films. Franky also has two dads, who seem highly overprotective of her. Read More... //

SKINS (UK) “Franky” Review

SKINS "Franky" Series 5 Episode 1 – SKINS kicks off with a new series and whole new cast starting tonight with Franky the androgynous new girl in town. The American Skins airing on MTV has been labelled ‘the most dangerous show on TV’ (which would be enough to have me tuning in) so this original E4 version has a lot to live up too. With Skins you know what you’re gonna get, angst, drugs, sex, underage drinking and plenty of it. It’s a heightened, slightly ridiculous portrayal of teenage life but past series’ have had more depth to them with provocative story lines producing some talented young actors including the Oscar winning Dev Patel. The opening episode of this ‘Third Generation’ of Skins is less provocative more ridiculous with the clichéd school bitch Mini with her two hanger-on sidekicks, pantomime adult characters including a sadistic sports teacher and Franky’s two camp ‘Dads’ puts the portrayal of gay couples back about twenty years feeling parodied and naff. Read More... //

The End Of A Downward Spiral

This was the perfect end to an absolutely rubbish series. I don't know what happened to the writers during this season, but the story;lines became increasingly contrived as it went on, culminating in this final episode which was either written by a 12 year old, or ad libbed by the canteen staff. "Oh yea right, but then it turns out there's a serial killer, and he kills one, but big strong gets him in the end." Would he fXXk if it were a real serial killer. Bah! I'm glad this sXXt-pile is finished.