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Season 109


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  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s109e131Tv To Screen Opera Live From Stage And Behind The Scenes
    • s109e130Can A Dog Called Bolt Save Disney?
    • s109e128Owners Pay For Clone Of Dead Dog
    • s109e127Uk Government Unveils £2bn Scheme For Car Industry
    • s109e126Fans Star In New Ben Folds Album
    • s109e124Israel Under Pressure Over Use Of Phosphorus
    • s109e123The Real Slumdog Millionaire
    • s109e122Sky's Tim Marshall Takes A Look At Obama
    • s109e121Britain's Nuclear Veterans Want Compensation
    • s109e120Barack Obama Makes Us History By Becoming The 44th President
    • s109e119Russian Cargo Ship Loses 1500 Tonnes Of Timber In Storm
    • s109e117Barack Obama: 2 Million Expected To Witness Inauguration
    • s109e116Boy George Jailed For Fifteen Months
    • s109e115Inside Gaza With Israeli Army
    • s109e114Dog Owners Face Dressing Up Charges
    • s109e113Enviromental Campainers Buy Up Airport Land
    • s109e112Bush Says Final Goodbye To The Media
    • s109e111Israel Close To Objective With Gaza
    • s109e11050 Years Of Motown Magic
    • s109e109Us Claims Al Qaeda Leader In Pakistan Is Dead
    • s109e108Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes Ferrari
    • s109e105Divisions In The Palestinian Cause
    • s109e104Gordon Brown Unveils Plans To Create Up To 100 000 New Jobs
    • s109e103President Bush Blames Hamas For Gaza Conflict
    • s109e102Jet Baby: Uganda Woman Gives Birth Mid-air
    • s109e101Millions Welcome In The New Year Around The World