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Season 508


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  • 19 episodes
    19 episodes
    • s508e530Untouched Amazonian Tribe Caught On Camera
    • s508e529Sister Of Murdered Teen Amar Aslam Pays Tribute
    • s508e528Fuel Prices: Brown Under Pressure To Give Motorists A Break
    • s508e527Sydney Pollack Hollywood Actor Director Dies Aged 73
    • s508e526Touchdown! Nasa's Phoenix Space Craft Lands On Mars
    • s508e525Robbie "kaptain" Knievel Jumps Over 24 Trucks
    • s508e523Conservative Leader David Cameron Claims New Labout Is Dead
    • s508e522Is Bio-fuel The Answer To Soaring Oil Prices?
    • s508e520Sky News Meets The Austrian Monks With A Record Deal
    • s508e519Duchess Of York Talks About Itv Documentary
    • s508e518At 65, Can Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones Live Up To The Hype
    • s508e517British Film Causes Stir At Cannes Festival
    • s508e516Football Fans Go On The Rampage In Manchester
    • s508e512Debating Ethics And The Law - Mps Begin To Decide On New Law
    • s508e509Burma Aid Effort Hampered By Military Junta
    • s508e506Pete Doherty Freed Early From Prison
    • s508e503Mark Ronson Talks Music, Touring And Amy Winehouse
    • s508e502Guilty Of Blackmailing A Royal With Gay Sex Tapes
    • s508e501Kate Mccann: I Would Never Have Taken A Risk