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Episodes #091- #095

The uptick in basketball activities here is quite welcome, though the game against Shizuoka representative Jousei isn't exactly an all star game in how its portrayed since it is just a scrimmage. The personal side of the show is a lot of fun even if it is dominating a bit more than I'd like. An episode revolving around Sakuragi's gang is probably very overdue so I was glad to see them getting some extra time. The relationship between them all has been nicely handled throughout the series and seeing it broadened a bit more as they get involved in his training during this run was great to see. There's a whole lot to like here even if it does spend time in school, at festivals and at the beach, because these characters are so much fun to watch. Slam Dunk may be winding down its TV series run, but it's only warming us up even more to the characters. Source Here