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Smallville: Teri Hatcher Grateful to Step Back Into Superman World — and Wig!

Teri Hatcher is no stranger to the Superman mythos. The 45-year-old actress' first leading role was the dynamic Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane on ABC's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which ran from 1993 to 1997. Before her, the role of Lois Lane had been portrayed by a plethora of women, Noel Neill took the part in the first live-action series. Perhaps the most well-known is Margot Kidder, who starred opposite Christopher Reeve in the films from 1978 to 1987. Even her on-screen mother on Desperate Housewives, Lesley Ann Warren, portrayed the heroine in the Broadway musical It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman. And her other Desperate co-star, Dana Delany, took a spin as Lois in Superman: The Animated Series. To Read More Click Here.

SMALLVILLE “Abandoned” Season 10 Episode 8 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of SMALLVILLE Season 10 Episode 8 titled "Abandoned" which airs on Friday November 12 at 8pm on the CW. Episode Synopsis: Lois (Erica Durance) finds a video made for her by her mother, Ella Lane (Hatcher), before she died. After watching the tape, Lois makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Clark (Tom Welling) that takes her to the Fortress, where she comes face to face with Jor-El and Lara. Meanwhile, Tess has a nightmare involving herself as a child and a music box. Upon awakening, she finds the music box in Luthor mansion and sets out to find out who planted it there. Clark accompanies her to an orphanage run by Granny Goodness (guest star Christine Willes) who may not have the young girls’ best intentions in mind. One of the young women living there, Harriet (guest star Hartley), finds Clark snooping around and decides to take matters into her own very sharp hands. Kevin Fair directed the episode written by Drew Landis & Julia Swift. Source & Preview

Sneak Peek #2 - Smallville 10.08 "Abandoned"

Yesterday we posted a trailer and sneak peek for the upcoming November 12 new episode of Smallville.  Today, The CW has released a second sneak peek. TERI HATCHER GUEST STARS AS ELLA LANE Source & Preview

'Smallville' Video: Teri Hatcher is Lois Lane's Mom

This week Smallville is getting a very big guest star: Teri Hatcher. The current Desperate Housewives star famously played Lois Lane on the '90s TV series Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman, and now she's taking on the role of Lois Lane's mom. If you're wondering how Hatcher (age 45) can play the mother of Erica Durance (age 32), it's because she'll be appearing in old video tapes recorded before Lois' mom, Ella, died. Check out this Hatcher-centric promo. To Read More Click Here.

First Look at Lindsay Hartley in Smallville

Confession: I watched  Passions .  Every day.  For nine years.  When it was cancelled I was very, very sad.  So I watched Lindsay Hartley every weekday for nine years and I liked her.  I liked her when her character was crazy-obsessing over Ethan Crane, doing a Bollywood dance sequence and getting caught in floods, sinking boats (this happened a lot) or whatever other crazy stuff happened in that show. So the fact that she’s coming to  Smallville ?  Despite not being a regular viewer of the show, I will definitely have to tune in for that episode (I’m trying to go back and watch every episode from the beginning). To Read More  Click Here.