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S3 E19

Moving, absolutely brilliantly written and executed i almost cried a few times there, i had not come to expect this level of emotion from Smallville but now i can say i am presently surprised, but to add to it fitted into the Smallville story so well it almost maid me believe that the story needed this... ***SPOILERS*** We as the watchers did need some more information into the story of Lex, and by the end i felt sorry for Lex even though i know what he will do within the Smallville universe. Because i started off on season 8 and the dots are coming together nicely. i did ask my self how Lex could have turned on Clark and there has been so many chances where there friend ship could have broken and they have shown me how fragile friendship can be, but as with Lana they have kept us oowing and arrring, but im just not ready for Lex to turn evil as Lex said him self the route to evil is a path and he has not walked it far enough to make it believable.