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Smallville Preview: Will Lois and the Blur Make for a Hot Story? - Featured

This week on The CW 's Smallville (Thursdays, 8 pm/ET), the increasingly intrepid reporter Lois Lane decides that to "catch" a superhero, one must become one. Literally. In Part 1 of our Q&A with Erica Durance, the actress discusses Lois' wild plan, shares the secrets behind her skintight outfit, and previews Smallville's next step toward the Superman mythology's famous love "triangle." To Read The Interview Click Here .

Sneak peek of SMALLVILLE Season 8 Episode 19 "Stiletto"

Watch a sneak peek of SMALLVILLE Season 8 Episode 19 "Stiletto" airing Thursday April 23 at 8pm on The CW.

Clip of 'Smallville' 8.19: Lois as Sexy Stiletto

In an attempt to lure red-blue blur for a big story in her newspaper, Lois dons sexy leather outfits that squeaks when she walks and puts on an identity as "Stiletto". In the newly-released clip for the April 23 episode of " Smallville ", Lois has agreed to meet the red-blue blur in an alley but finds Clark there instead. Lois believes that she needs the big story to secure her reputation as a star reporter but the red/blue blur continues to elude her. However, after Chloe is mugged, Lois steps in to fend off one of the attackers and uses the opportunity to pretend a new superhero, Stiletto, has come to town and is giving exclusives to Lois. Clark is concerned Lois will hurt herself pretending to be a superhero but after he is captured by thugs with kryptonite, Lois steps in to save the day. The episode that centers on Lois, will not be the only one. Executive producer Kelly Souders recently answered a Q&A at TV Guide, saying "Lois fans will be excited to hear you'll be seeing more of Lois in the future. She's fascinating and we'll never stop digging into what makes her tick." To Watch The Sneak Peek Click here . Source Here

Preview of 'Smallville' 8.19: Lois Poses as Stiletto

A new superhero is coming to town, or so it is. Lois will be in disguise as leather-clenched Stiletto in the next episode of " Smallville " in order to lure out Red-Blue Blur out of his hiding. In her attempt, Lois also recruits Jimmy to photograph Stiletto as the new heroine of Metropolis. The heroic side of Lois came out when she was having a hang out time with her cousin Chloe and two thugs approached them. Wearing stiletto heels, Lois kicked them and got into the idea when she managed to bring down one of them. The other thug however, got away with Chloe's car that contains some important information inside. Sticking to her plan, Lois puts on a mask and a pair of stilettos for the headlines. However, when Clark finds out about her scheme, he warns her that she is a better reporter than to have some fake story printed to advance her career. Titled "Stiletto", the episode airs April 23. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source here

Clip From 'Smallville' 8.18: Tess Blows Up Davis

A clip of " Smallville " episode "Eternal" has been given a sneak peek through a clip. Davis wanders out in a deserted place with spade in his hand. Tess then shows up in front of his car saying "I forgot. What's the prayer for dismembering a body?" before she blows up the truck. This April 2 episode will reveal a lot of the history of David Bloom who will later become Doomsday. While Davis seeks help from Chloe, Tess pleads for Clark's assistance in killing Davis. This will then lead to the final confrontation between Doomsday and Clark. The official synopsis of the episode has given a spoilery bit, revealing that Davis escapes the blast which then prompts Tess to go to Clark. Tess reveals Davis' secret childhood with the Luthors and hints that she knows Clark's true identity. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click here . Source here

Smallville Preview: Serinda Swan Has "Hex" Appeal as Zatanna

This Thursday, Zatanna works her magic on The CW 's Smallville , and at least one person's life might never be the same as a result. What brings the DC Comics character to town? Aside from granting Chloe a birthday wish, what other tricks does Ms. Z. have up her sleeve? And which of Smallville's eligible gents is she hot to cast a sexy spell on? Guest star Serinda Swan shared with us a few of her secrets. To Read The Complete Interview Click Here .

Smallville: Video Preview for the End of Season 8 - Featured

Clark Kent is on the road to Doomsday, and though he may not know it yet, he's been on that road for a long time. The Smallville finale isn't until May 14 but The CW laid the groundwork today for the final six episodes of Smaillville season 8. They released a preview taking viewers soaring through the six remaining episodes - every clip a clue, every line something to talk about. While weekly episode previews get into the specifics this is the network's chance to offer a bigger vision and a more epic feel. I think it looks really cool. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Preview of 'Smallville' 8.17: Chloe Gets Her Wish Granted

The CW has given the HQ trailer of next week's " Smallville ". Titled "All Out War", the preview is highlighting on what happen in the episode "Hex" which is directed by Tom Welling himself and will air on March 26. It includes the origin of Clark's existence and why he has to be up against Davis. At Chloe's birthday party, a mysterious magician named Zatanna (guest star Serinda Swan) grants Chloe's wish to be more like Lois and switches the two into each other's bodies. Zatanna searches for her father's book of spells so she can conjure up his spirit but not before also granting Clark his deepest wish. Cassidy Freeman who plays Tess told E!, "I think it's really interesting what they're doing with Chloe. You have this show that has been on for so long, and you have this character that's not really in the mythos and has had to create her own self. You can do anything with her and that's kind of what they're doing." To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Watch a sneak peek of SMALLVILLE Season 8 Episode 16 ''Turbulence'' - Featured

Tess (Cassidy Freeman) invites Clark (Tom Welling) to a press conference in New York but when an explosion rocks the private jet they are on, Clark must figure out how to save them without Tess learning his secret. Unbeknownst to Clark, Tess orchestrated the explosion to get Clark to reveal his powers. Meanwhile, Davis (Sam Witwer) discovers a surprising way to control the monster within. Kevin Fair directed the episode written by Turi Meyer & Al Septien (Photos: Courtesy of The CW ). To Watch The Preview Click here . Source here


When Clark's secret identity as the "Red-Blue Blur" is threatened, he decides to go public by having Lois publish his story. However, he soon discovers the price that goes with public fame.