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Smash Series Finale Recap: Fade Out on a Girl

Well, my toreadorable Hollywood blondes, this is it. We’ve finally come to the end of our long, strange, erotic journey from Milan to the Minskoff, and I have to tell you, I’m sort of at a loss for words. Which, to be perfectly honest, is probably not the worst thing in the world, given that it’s an unearthly time of night and I am now charged with the unenviable task of smashing (see what I did there?) two full-length episodes of series-ending television into the length of one recap. If NBC didn’t think the ignominious end of their tarnished jewel was worth spreading out over two nights, I guess my brand of trance-induced Haribo mania fan fiction isn’t either. Oh well, what is dead may never die. Even Mozart was given a pauper’s burial in an unmarked grave, you know? Read More... //

Smash Season 2 Review “The Nominations” & “The Tonys”

So, it finally died. Smash, despite its memorial weekend reschedule, went out with an over-long, dreadfully boring and surprisingly song-light whimper, rather than the spectacular musical extravaganza it could easily have been. I cannot fathom why the team behind this show about Broadway musicals didn’t think it appropriate to, in their final hour, provide the show’s loyal and defensive audience with a show-stopping finale. The episodes centred on the race to the Tonys, and the slightly unlikely domination of both ‘Hit List’ and ‘Bombshell’ in awards season. There was an awkward sense throughout that the writers were desperately trying to balance awards out between the two shows, so as not to bring anyone down in a show essentially about two competing teams that shared an alarming amount of cast and crew members over the two seasons. Then again, the business of Broadway is one of the interesting things Smash always had on its side, and the Tonys seems like a fitting end to the series. READ MORE...

'Smash' series finale recap: The Big Finish

And so we've reached  Smash 's curtain call -- a flashy two-parter that gives most of the show's characters exactly what they deserve Read More... //

‘Smash’ Series Finale: Leave Them Wanting More

So "Smash" has finally closed. Did it deserve a standing ovation? Read More... //

Smash Recap: We're Still Here

Oh, fellow royal children of Siam, at last the day we always knew was coming has arrived. The most important television show any of us have ever witnessed in our present lifetimes has been finally been moved into the part of the hospice where they no longer show Gerard Butler movies in the solarium to prepare you for death. Start calling the kids and tell them yes, it’s time and yes, they can put the plane tickets on your credit card. For the end is nigh. The Sword of Damocles (with whom Anjelica Huston had a brief fling after a meet-cute in the Temple of Dionysus social hall in Hellenist Sicily) has fallen. Smash will not be returning next year. Read More... //

‘Smash’ Recap: Transference

"Hit List," the hip musical that sold out its off-Broadway run at a downtown theater, is having a bumpy transfer to Broadway in the latest episode of "Smash," on NBC. Its composer and lyricist, Jimmy Collins (Jeremy Jordan), thinks that something is wrong with the show, though director Derek Wills (Jack Davenport) and others tell him that the cast just needs to get used to performing on a bigger stage with new sets. Derek also points out that the show sold out for six months even before its official opening on the Great White Way. Read More... //

Smash Season 2 Review “The Transfer”

This is the first episode to air after the official cancellation of Smash on NBC and I’m not sure ‘The Transfer’ did the job of making fans regret that decision. Throughout this second season, the show has tried hard to change its fate through major changes to structure, casting and character direction, but nothing has worked and it feels like time for Smash to now bow out gracefully. ‘The Transfer’ encapsulates the major problems the series has had, with the relatively compelling Broadway action jarring with the soap opera-style plot lines that now feel utterly tired. Karen and Ivy are fighting? Karen is judging Derek for some new crime against women? Same old, same old. To have this penultimate evening of Smash end on such a depressingly familiar note is a sign that NBC were too kind, not too cruel to this once critically adored drama. READ MORE...

'Smash' recap: Not Dead Yet

Yeah,  Smash got canceled. But we're still recapping it! Read More... //

Smash Season 2 Review “The Phenomenon”

This week’s episode of Smash is the show’s attempt at the perennial ‘grief episode’, in which a main character is killed off and we spend a whole hour dealing with the loss. This means lots of soul searching for the remaining characters, flashbacks to happier memories and, for a show like Smash, lots of emotional performance numbers. Now, there are two kinds of these episodes – the genuinely heartrending and meaningful, and the sappy and intolerable. READ MORE...

‘Smash’ Recap: From Fatality to Phenomenon

The fictional off-Broadway musical "Hit List" took another step closer to mirroring the true story of the Broadway musical "Rent" in the latest, quite touching, episode of "Smash," on NBC. "Rent," which started life at the New York Theatre Workshop, moved to Broadway in 1996, and later won a Pulitzer Prize, after its success at the downtown theater. Its creator, Jonathan Larson, died of an aortic dissection at age 35 the night before the off-Broadway premiere. Read More... //