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Snooki & JWOWW Episode 2 Sneak Peek: Snooki Threatens to Slice Roger’s Manhood Off (VIDEO)

In this sneak peek from the next episode of Snooki & JWOWW (airing June 28), the happy foursome of Snooki, Jionni, JWOWW, and Roger finally address one of the hot topics surrounding Snooki’s future son: his height. Roger tells Jionni, "If your kid’s tall, I’ll take a paternity test," jokingly. But no matter how buff, tall, or muscular you are, nobody should talk about Snooki’s unborn baby like that. The pregnant meatball’s response?... //

JWOWW Kisses Roger in a Bikini! Romantic on a Waverunner (PHOTO)

Still don't believe that JWOWW and Roger are still together? Well, it might be time to change that conspiracy theory after these adorably mushy photos, ya'll! JWOWW and her guido boyfriend Roger were spotted getting close in Seaside Heights, NJ over the weekend. The Jersey Shore star leaned over on the dock and gave her man a big smooch while he splashed around on a waverunner — the perfect guido moment. While JWOWW has said there are lots of fights and drama to come in her and Roger's... //

Where Will Snooki and Jionni Live Once the Baby Comes?

She’s lived everywhere from Florence, Italy to Miami Beach, but Jersey Shore’s Snooki apparently wants to settle down somewhere a bit less glamorous. So where does the pregnant reality star want to shack up after she gives birth to Jionni LaValle’s child? Her soon-to-be in-laws’ basement! Snooki and fiance Jionni reportedly plan to live with Jionni’s parents in New Jersey once the baby comes in September. "We’ll be with his parents for a year or... //

Snooki & JWOWW Premieres, Deena’s Bikini Body & Relationship Drama: Jersey Shore Week in Review 6/22

What happened in the wild and wacky world of Jersey Shore this week? - Snooki & JWOWW’s spin-off premiered! What did you guys think? One person (ahem, Jionni) refuses to watch it, and another says the whole thing is staged. What do we know? That JWOWW and Snooks are the cutest BFFs in the world - Speaking of tiny pregnant meatballs, Snooks is already planning her speech to her future son about that whole Jersey Shore thing. Plus, she wants to start squirting breast milk into... //

'Jersey Shore' Spinoff 'Snooki & JWoww' Bows to 2.4 Million

Not approaching the gargantuan haul of their parent series, the co-stars also don't match the premiere of fellow offshoot "The Pauly D Project." //