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Snooki Reveals the Story Behind Her First Tattoo! Does She Regret Her Tramp Stamp?

With seven tattoos, it’s no surprise that Snooki has one she’s not exactly proud of. While she shares photos of her body art frequently, we were still shocked by her weekly column yesterday — especially since we’ve never seen this tattoo up close! On her Celebuzz site, she shared her first ink ever — angel wings on her lower back with her last name, Polizzi, written in cursive in the middle — which represents her "strong bond" with her parents.... //

JWOWW Talks How Motherhood Changed Snooki: “I Could Not Be More Proud”

Even though Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, was born five months ago, we haven’t seen him as a newborn yet. However, that will all change in tonight’s episode of Snooki & JWOWW, which gives us an up-close-and-personal look at the little guy’s birth and shows us her first experiences as a mom. But just how difficult was that transition for the former party girl? Her bestie JWOWW spilled to ET Online that while it isn’t easy for Snooks, she’s a great mom.... //

JWOWW Reveals Secrets Behind Her Happy Relationship With Roger! Check Out Her Surprising Tips!

JWOWW and her fiancé, Roger Mathews, have been through a lot together, but the happily-engaged couple never lets anything get them down. But what are the secrets to their happy relationship? Apparently it’s as simple as driving a car. (Stay with us — Jenni has some great analogies.) In her latest blog post, she explains that "having a happy relationship is as simple as obeying the basic rules of the road," and there are five key factors to knowing if you’re... //

Snooki’s Baby, Lorenzo, Is About to Tackle Another Milestone! What Is He Doing?

On Saturday, Snooki took to Twitter to share that her little man Lorenzo turned 5 months old, and as he grows up, he tackles new and exciting milestones! One of the proud mama’s 6 million followers asked her if the tiny tot had started eating solid foods yet, and the Jersey Shore star shared some exciting news: //

Why Is Jionni Leaving Snooki and Lorenzo For Three Days?!

By now, we know that Snooki’s little family likes to stick together as much as possible, but she and baby Lorenzo will be alone for a few days as Jionni LaValle heads out of state. But where is Big Daddy heading without his brood? Florida! Yep, Jionni’s going to shake off his winter coat for a few days and soak up some rays in the Sunshine State for what he says will be a "nice 3-day vacation."    If it seems odd that his fiancée and son won’t be... //

Snooki and JWOWW Say They’re “Anti-Wedding”! Should Jionni and Roger Be Worried?! (VIDEO)

Snooki and JWOWW are both happily engaged, but there may be trouble in paradise. When asked how their wedding planning was going in a recent interview with MTV News, Jenni spoke on both their behalf, saying, "We are anti-wedding right now." Say what?! Snooki was on the same page, admitting, "I haven't thought about s— yet. I don’t want to, either." But don’t worry, Jionni and Roger fans — it doesn’t stop there. Why doesn’t Snooks... //

JWOWW's Fiancé Roger Tells Her, "I'd Like to Schedule a Sexual Rendezvous": Too Hot or TMI?

JWOWW and her fiancé, Roger Mathews, have a great relationship and are always showing everyone how in love they are, but today, they took it to the next level. This morning, Roger tweeted at Jenni, writing, "I'd like to schedule a sexual rendezvous for later. I’ll stop by Foot Locker on my way home from work and pick up a shoe horn." For one, whoa! And secondly, a shoe horn? We don’t want to know what they’re doing with that in the bedroom …... //

Snooki Freaks Out and Doesn’t Want to Change a Diaper — Just Before Baby Lorenzo Is Born! (VIDEO)

A lot has changed for Snooki and fiancé Jionni LaValle since baby Lorenzo’s birth. Though the Jersey Shore  star gave birth nearly five months ago, we didn’t see Snook’s labor pains until last night’s episode of Snooki & JWOWW (Season 2, Episode 3: "Last Call at Club Uterus"). And though the hour was chock-full of crazy, there was much more than we saw on TV. In the deleted scene below, the parents-to-be had a hard time wrapping their... //

Snooki and JWOWW Talk Peeing Themselves — And Future Babies?! (VIDEO)

Snooki and JWOWW are unfiltered besties who real-talk about everything, but they took it to the next level after last night’s episode of their hit MTV show. The girls sat down for "tea time" after Snooki & JWOWW’s biggest episode yet, in which baby Lorenzo entered the world after a big "dry run" kerfuffle with Snooks and Jionni! In the video below, the proud mama admits she "probably would have gave birth in the car" if they really got... //

Snooki on Re-Living Lorenzo’s Birth: “Oh My God, It’s So Crazy” (VIDEO)

Last night’s new episode of Snooki & JWOWW (Season 2, Episode 3: "Last Call at Club Uterus") brought forth the moment fans have waited months to see: Snooks going into labor and giving birth to baby Lorenzo! She and fiancé, Jionni LaValle, re-experienced their intense first round of childbirth on the show, and for Snooks, it was definitely surreal to watch. "It’s just crazy to re-watch and re-live because it was one of the most painful yet... //