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Why Are Snooki and JWOWW Shopping for Wheelchairs? (VIDEO)

Poor JWOWW learned her foot was broken because of her fiancé Roger Mathews’ controversial bar brawl on Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 5: "Old Profession," and high heels don’t exactly match with most casts. What’s a girl to do? Snooki to the rescue! In this new MTV sneak peek for Season 6, Episode 6: "A Virgin Summer" (airing tonight), a very pregnant Snookers sees a "happy" opportunity with her friend being slightly disabled like... //

JWOWW's Boyfriend Roger Mathews Talks About Having Kids

Are babies on the way for JWOWW and boyfriend (and rumored fiance) Roger Mathews? The Jersey Shore couple has said they want to do things in the "right" order, but it sounds like they at least have kiddies on their minds. "I just realized that if we have a baby, by the time he is getting out of diapers I will be going in them," Roger tweeted yesterday (September 18). This is a bit of an exaggeration —  Roger is only 37  — but it made JWOWW laugh. Meanwhile, later in the... //

New Mom Snooki's Biggest Life Changes: From Party Girl to Stable Caretaker

Haters to the left. When the news first broke that Snooki was pregnant, many thought the Jersey Shore star wouldn't be able to step up to the plate (we were never in doubt about her mothering abilities, however). But she's shown the doubters! From big life changes to minor good decisions, here are the most notable ways Snooki has re-vamped her life to make room for baby Lorenzo LaValle. Bye, bye, partying: Snooki put her hard partying lifestyle aside as soon as she got pregnant, and it... //

Snooki & JWOWW Get Glam For a Secret Jersey Shore Filming Trip (PHOTOS)

The Jersey Shore cast is in Seaside Heights, NJ today, filming something for MTV at Bamboo Bar. And while we're still not sure what they're doing there, Snooki's tweets are making it a little less of a mystery. The reality TV star and new mom posted a photo today (September 13) of her and JWOWW posing together at the bar. The girls look dressed up, with JWOWW wearing a skin-tight purple dress and Snooks in her signature leopard-print top, tight black pants, and hot red heels. Could... //

Is JWOWW Really Engaged? We Know Roger Is Preparing a Ring! - Exclusive

Will Snooki’s BFF make it down the aisle before she does? According to a new report, JWOWW and longtime boyfriend Roger Matthews are already engaged – but keeping it a secret because it’s a major plot point of Snooki & JWOWW second season, which is currently filming. Is the report true? For his part, Roger is denying an engagement. But we checked with a show insider, who told us that – while a proposal may not have happened yet –  it appears to be... //

Snooki Opens Up About Lorenzo's Birth: Did She Do Her Make-Up in the Delivery Room?

A leopard never changes its spots, especially when that leopard is named Snooki. The 24-year-old new mom revealed to People magazine that while she was in labor for 26 hours (!), she did her make-up before lil’ Lorenzo popped into the world. "Before I was pushing, I put on bronzer and false eyelashes," Snooki said. "I wanted to look pretty for him!" PHOTO: See the first pic of Lorenzo here! Snooki also revealed that she got an epidural: "I was nervous,... //

What Is the Real Meaning of Baby Lorenzo’s Name? Snooki Explains

Ever since we first found out that Snooki would be naming her baby boy Lorenzo Dominic, the name just sounded perfect. Snooki has said in the past that she just liked the name, and looked forward to calling her son ‘Enzo. But it turns out that there’s a more sentimental reason for ‘Enzo’s middle name. As we initially reported, Lorenzo got his first name because his parents just liked the sound of it. "We were going back and forth," Jionni explained in an... //

Snooki's Baby Plans: How Many More Kids Does She Want?

It's a big day for Snooki fans. The Jersey Shore star officially introduced her son, Lorenzo LaValle, to the world via an unbearably cute photo on the cover of People. In the People article, the happy new mom also shares how many more mini-Snookis we can expect down the line. When asked if she wants more kids, Snooki tells the magazine "I want four."  Her fiance Jionni adds, "three boys and a girl." But don't expect to see Snooki growing another baby bump immediately. She clarifies, "I... //

Snooki Shares First Photos of Baby Lorenzo, Says Partying Is "Long Gone"

From now on, baby Lorenzo Dominic LaValle should be the only one saying "Wahhh!" (But who are we kidding...) Jersey Shore’s Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi told People, "When I got pregnant, everything changed. The partying is long gone. I'm a new person." Snooki and her fiancé Jionni LaValle welcomed little Lorenzo on August 26 — and now Snooki is on the cover of People, holding her baby and sharing "exclusive photos." (Love the Italian shoes!) MTV also shared another cute... //

Is New Mom Snooki Drinking Again Already?

Everyone knows that Snooki likes to drink, so it was only a matter of time before fans (and haters) started wondering when the Jersey Shore star would be back to doing shots at Karma. Fortunately, the new mom is holding off on drinking for now. When a fan asked her if she is drinking again, Snooki tweeted that she is isn’t drinking "yet" because she’s breast-feeding. "But have one for me," the petite star added. Yes, despite some people celebrating the... //