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So You Think You Can Dance: The Routines You'll See On Tour

If you're lucky enough to have the season 5 So You Think You Can Dance Tour coming to your town, we have the scoop on the routines you'll be seeing your favorite dancers perform. Seeing the 'set-list' makes me even more excited for the tours stop in my town, but I have to admit there are some shockers on the list. Who ever wanted to see Phillip and Jeanine's jive again? Or after this season's disastrous Russian Folk dance, apparently group version of the folkloric fail? Still, amidst all the chin scratching routines, there are plenty we're eager to see. Addiction by Kayla and Kupono? Check. The booty dance? Check. Ruby Blue by Janette and Brandon? Check. So You Think You Can Dance season 5 Tour Set-List: Opening Group Routine Brandon & Janette - Doriana Sanchez Disco Phillip & Jeanine - Nappy Tabs Hip Hop (Mad) Evan & Randi - Mia Michaels Contemporary/The Booty Dance Janette Solo Jason & Kayla - Tyce Diorio Broadway Ade & Melissa - Mandy Moore Contemporary Kupono Solo Brandon & Janette - Argentine Tango Top 3 Girls Group Dance - Sonya Tayeh Superheroes Ade Solo Jason & Caitlin - Nakul Bollywood Kupono & Kayla - Sonya Tayeh Contemporary/Vampire dance Randi Solo Brandon & Jeanine - LaurieAnne Gibson Pop Jazz/Battlefield Melissa & Evan - Tyce Diorio Broadway/Get Me To the Church on Time Jason Solo Ade & Janette - Nappy Tabs Hip Hop/Funk Doctor Melissa Solo Phillip & Jeanine - Tony Meredith Jive Calle Ocho Group Routine * Intermission ...Yes, there's more! * "One" Broadway Group Routine Brandon & Janette - Wade Robson Pop Jazz/Ruby Blue Jason & Kayla - Shane Sparks Hip Hop/Zombie-Hop Evan Solo Ade & Melissa - Pas de Deux Phillip Solo Brandon & Kayla - Tyce Diorio Broadway/All That Jazz Evan & Randi - Samba Kayla Solo Top 3 Boys Group Dance - Sonya Tayeh Willy Wonka Russian Folk Group Dance Kupono & Kayla - Mia Michaels Contemporary/Addiction Jeanine & Jason - Travis Wall Contemporay/If It Kills Me Brandon & Janette - Cha Cha Jeanine Solo Ade & Melissa - Tyce Diorio Contemporary/Cancer Dance Brandon & Jeanine - Louis Van Amstel Paso Doble Group Routine Finale I'm most disappointed that Kayla and Brandon's contemporary routine about the mistress and married man didn't make the cut. What routines do you wish were going to be performed on tour? And which are you most excited to see? Source Here

So You Think You Can Dance Finale Preview - Featured

So You Think You Can Dance has come to an end. The dances have all been danced, the votes have all been counted, and on tonight's two-hour finale, America's Favorite Dancer will be crowned? BuddyTV has everything you could want about the final four dancers as we look back at the season and look forward to the big finale. Finale Performance Rankings The Worst Dances of Season 5 Brandon's Season in Review Jeanine's Season in Review Evan's Season in Review Kayla's Season in Review Latest So You Think You Can Dance News

So You Think You Can Dance: Who's Going Home Right Before the Finale? - Featured

We're one elimination away from the finale of Season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance . What are arguably the most important (or at the very least the 2nd most important) votes of the season have already been cast and two talented dancers will be sent home heart-achingly close to the finale. Just who will be sent home tonight is up in the air, though it seems some strong opinions have emerged among fans and voters. Last night's performances (or in one case, the seeming lack there of) has definitely changed my opinion on who will be sent packing pre-Finale. While I think popularity may be coming in to play a little too much (*cough cough* Kasprzak) I'd also like to point the blame in the direction of the dancer's schedule. 50 minutes into the show I'd seen all four of Ade's performances, most of which were sadly lackluster. And that's no way to get a dark horse into the finale. But you don't have to take my word for it I've compiled compiled all the data from polls, Fantasy TV picks, showdowns, to help determine who might be the next two dancers eliminated tonight. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

So You Think You Can Dance: Previewing the Top 6 Performances

"...and Mia went on to say Janette's her absolute favorite this year. Good thing, yes?" I wrote that on last week's recap slideshow, and I couldn't be more wrong. Then again, I don't think anybody anticipated Janette would be going home. Watching last week's results, I knew Kayla will be going. She had to go. (Nothing against her: I like her, but between the two of them, it was a matter of choosing the lesser evil.) But, alas, it didn't happen. That was perhaps just the icing on what generally was a disappointing last week on So You Think You Can Dance . Sure, there's the very touching breast cancer routine from Melissa and Ade, but before we got there, we had to deal with five flat performances. And then there was the heavily-hyped 100th episode, or to be more precise, the heavily-hyped Katie Holmes performance--and you know what happened with that one. There were good things last week, yes, but overall last week fell a little flat, oddly enough. Nobody should be blamed: it was cosmic energy fluctuating things. Not even Wade Robson's dancing can save it. Or it's just me. Which, admittedly, got me a bit waiting for this week's shows. It's the penultimate week: at the end of Thursday night's results, two more will be going home, and we'll have our final four. I still think Melissa is on her way out, and to an extent Evan, but I've discussed that already, so I won't elaborate. I'm wondering how Brandon will step up the game this week, for it's pretty much him against Ade for the top male slot. In a perfect world, at least. As for the girls, I'm now rooting for Jeanine, because she's got me spinning, to quote the Black Eyed Peas. Again, we already mentioned this last Monday, so I'll just list the genre spoilers down for consistency's sake: Jeanine and Ade: hip-hop (Tabitha and Napoleon) and rumba (possibly Louis van Amstel) Kayla and Brandon: contemporary (Stacey Tookey) and disco (Doriana Sanchez) Melissa and Evan: Broadway (Tyce Diorio) and quickstep (possibly Louis van Amstel) And, before we find out who the final four is, we'll be treated to some singing from Sean Paul, and some dancing from JabbaWockeeZ. Bounce, yo. So You Think You Can Dance returns tonight from 8pm on Fox, and after all this is done, one more week. That's when we get giddy with the finale. And one month later, it all begins again... Source Here If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

So You Think You Can Dance: The Judges Take To Twitter to Defend Katie Holmes

Uh-Oh guys, the judges are not happy with what we've all had to say about Katie Holmes and her routine last night on the 100th Episode of So You Think You Can Dance . As I stated rather simply (and kindly) I would have rather seen a dancer dance and a singer sing. Some of you used more colorful terms to describe Katie's performance, but I think we can all agree that we were underwhelmed by Katie's performance. This, according to the judges, makes us awful people that are the reason that stars refuse to do charity. Both Nigel and Adam Shankman took to their Twitter accounts to hate on the haters and to tell us why we are all so wrong about Katie and her performance.(Hint: it's the CHILDREN, think about the CHILDREN.) To Read More Click Here .

Ratings: Obama Dips from Previous Press Conference - Featured

* Wednesday's ratings recap: 8/7 CT President Obama's press conference drew 16.5 million total viewers across ABC, CBS and NBC - a 13 percent decrease from his previous such prime-time appearance (which aired April 29). Fox's So You Think You Can Dance , meanwhile, averaged 7.32 mil over its two-hour run, up 370K week-to-week. TVGuide.com poll: Viewers prefer regular shows to Obama 9/8 CT America's Got Talent topped the night with an audience of 11.5 million viewers, dipping 330K week-to-week. ABC's Wipeout (6.18 mil), airing an hour later than usual, plunged 22 percent. 10/9 CT NBC's The Philanthropist (4.74 mil) enjoyed a 400K gain, while ABC's I Survived a Japanese Game Show held steady at 3.84 m il. Source Here

Watch Now Online: Last Night's New SYTYCD, Leverage and More! - Featured

Last night had a bunch of new episodes of summer reality favs and plenty more, so catch what you missed or re-watch what you loved! Primetime TV: Leverage - Watch 'The Tap-out Job' Dark Blue - Watch 'Guns, Strippers and Wives' The Philanthropist - Watch 'Kosovo' The Othersiders - Watch 'Marine Warehouse' Ghost Hunters International - Watch 'Gates to Hell' So You Think You Can Dance - Watch 'Top 8 Perform' Top Chef Masters - Watch 'Trick in a Box' Real World: Cancun - Watch 'Payback, Piglets and Projects' Wipeout - Watch 'Episode 10' Monster Quest - Watch 'The Real Cujo' I Survived a Japanese Game Show - Watch 'Episode 6' America's Got Talent - Watch 'Episode 10' Survive This - Watch 'Deep Woods, Part 1' News & Late Night TV: The Daily Show - Watch 'Kevin Nealon' The Colbert Report - Watch 'Matthew Waxman, Chris Anderson'

So You Think You Can Dance: Previewing the Top 8 Performances (And the 100th Episode)

Randi and Kupono seem to happy on that photo, you noticed? Even Cat is too happy. It's odd. That aside, it's another week for So You Think You Can Dance , and I can't emphasize enough how special this is for everyone. In case you were thrown under a bus and tossed to a rock, it's the 100th episode of the show, and there'll be some celebrations involved. My task here is to list them all down, because our anticipation of these things meant we've already covered what'll happen tonight and tomorrow night in one way or another. First up: tonight's performances, which we've already discussed last Monday. I've said everything I could say about it, so I'll just list them down here, in alphabetical order: Janette and Evan: jazz (Sonya Tayeh) and rumba (Tony Meredith/Melanie LaPatin) Jeanine and Brandon: pop jazz (Laurie Ann Gibson) and waltz (Hunter Johnson) Kayla and Jason: Broadway (Tyce Diorio) and hip-hop (Shane Sparks) Melissa and Ade: contemporary (Tyce Diorio) and chacha (Tony Meredith/Melanie LaPatin) And then there's Thursday night's results night, which won't have any musical performances, but will have dancing, dancing, lots of dancing. Since it's episode number 100, they'll take a time to look back at the most memorable routines of the show--and by that, they meant Emmy-winning ones. Yep, the three routines that we mentioned a few weeks back are the three routines that you'll see tonight. So that's Wade Robson's "The Hummingbird and the Flower" jazz routine, with Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi, and Mia Michaels' "The Bench" contemporary routine, with Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz. Wade's "Ramalama" group routine will also be there, but I'm guessing there'll be some subtle changes to the routine. The least you could do to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, after that burnout, is a slight tweak... Oh, and also, Katie Holmes dancing. I'll let Abbey speak on that one. This week, we have Mia Michaels on the guest judge seat, and Ellen Degeneres will be judging, too. Yes, I am giddy over this. I've been following her on Twitter ever since I signed up for an account, and seeing her tweets about the guest slot is quite amusing. "I'm the guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance this Wednesday night on Fox. Someone's gotta show 'em how it's done on the streets!" "I'm the guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance this Wednesday night on Fox. They don't call me the Polka Queen for nothing!" "I'm the guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance this Wednesday night on Fox. I hope mama finishes sewing my leotard in time!" I think that's not my job, too. Sorry again, Abbey. But that aside, I don't expect to see Ellen do to the judges' table what she does to the coffee table on her talk show. That'd be too much of a stretch, literally. Anyway, episodes 99 and 100 this week on So You Think You Can Dance--and with two more going home, of course! It all begins tonight from 8pm on Fox. Source Here