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So You Think You Can Dance: Previewing the Top 16 Performance Show

Well, it's been a pretty unusual first two weeks on So You Think You Can Dance so far. New faces, new stage, no public voting... and last week, we saw two of the three tappers this season go home in a snap. This week, it seems, is the week when we get some sense of stability--unless, of course, another one of tonight's routines gets us in a tizzy. You know, like that supposedly suggestive Nappy Tabs routine. So, again, a sneak peek at tonight's performances, courtesy of the folks at SYTYCDism as always. The disclaimer, as always, goes like this: details may change and we will get it wrong sometimes, but so far, it seems, they haven't. Here it goes, then: the performances and my ramblings, in alphabetical order. Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Karr: Jazz (Mandy Moore) I still haven't warmed to Ashleigh, but after a pretty good performance last week, I sense she'll continue climbing to the top with tonight's routine--aided, of course, by Jakob's near-immaculate dancing. Catch is, I haven't warmed to Mandy's routines either, but judging from the stuff I've read so far, I'm going to eat my words and love it. Channing Cooke and Victor Smalley: Contemporary (Stacey Tookey) Their bit last week wasn't exactly disastrous, but more of awkward, but this week's bit should be much better, since both dancers are in their own styles. Again, it seems I'll eat my words, because apparently it won't go as well as it looks. Ellenore Scott and Ryan Di Lello: Krump (Lil' C) I won't say much about this routine, because I spent the last five minutes laughing at the thought of Ryan doing krump. Sorry, dancers, but it already sounds so awkward it's far from bucc. Karen Haute and Kevin Hunte: Hustle (Maria Torres) Oooh, hustle! I wonder how Karen will stand out from this. It should be a blur. Nonetheless these two have been fleshing out solid routines so far, and this shouldn't be an exception. Kathryn McCormick and Legacy Perez: Broadway (choreographer TBC) I'm starting to love this couple--more so last week, because Legacy didn't really steal the show. (I know he did these crazy leaps, but the focus in that sort of routine would always be on the victim, so Kathryn, congratulations.) That sets them up perfectly for tonight's routine: while it may be flashy, storytelling still matters. The judges apparently loved Legacy here, so I'm curious. Oh, and apparently Tyce isn't choreographing this. Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras: Salsa (possibly Gustavo Vargas) Okay, salsa? Mollee's energetic but salsa isn't exactly in the same league as High School Musical, and I sense Nathan would look a bit uncomfortable here. Just how bad it'll be for Mollywood is the question--I've read that this routine will be disastrous. Noelle Marsh and Russell Ferguson: Afro jazz (Sean Cheesman) Noelle's unfortunate past two weeks might come to a halt with this routine, because I can imagine her doing this routine quite nicely. And I'm not worried about Russell either, especially since he's coped with his Top 20 foxtrot quite well. Fingers crossed this works nicely. Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino: Quickstep (choreographer TBC) I feel very bad for Pauline. I mean, I think she's great, but I think she's not getting the appreciation she deserves. (I think the world only noticed her routine in the Top 20, and only because Brandon entered through unfortunate circumstances either.) But her new partnership with Peter is looking good, judging from what I got last week, and I'm hearing that their performance this week will go pretty well, too. With two tappers gone, it's another season for the contemporary dancers--but will it? We'll see tonight. And have your phones ready. We'll be able to vote, finally! Source Here