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'SYTYCD': Allison Holker discusses 'painful' rib injury

"So You Think You Can Dance" injuries have often been the bane of the competitors' existence, but all-star Allison Holker is the one being sidelined this time around. The 22-year-old contemporary jazz dancer had announced on Twitter she was sitting out from the show for one week, and was kind enough to take time from her recovery to tell Zap2it the details of her rib injury. "I'm feeling okay," she says, "disappointed obviously that I'm not going to be able to dance this week, but it's completely understandable why. Pain-wise, it really hurts, it does, but more than anything I feel bad that I'm not dancing. I have to tell you I've had some really major injuries. So this would only rank at a 4 or a 5 [on a scale of 1-10].'' To Read More Click Here .

'SYTYCD' Lauren and Ashley: Girl power and manly burps

"So You Think You Can Dance" eliminated three ladies the first three weeks of competition, leaving only Lauren Froderman and Ashley Galvan up against the six guys. The girls, however, are arguably the best of the bunch, and on the Wednesday (July 7) performance show, both received positive feedback for each of their two dances apiece. Both Froderman and fellow contestant Kent Boyd had recently attended their real high school proms, so the "prom" dance choreographed by Travis Wall hit close to home, and she tells Zap2it about getting emotional after hearing the judges' comments in an interview backstage after the show. You also hear more about her "manly" burps. Apparently, Boyd isn't the only victim of her drive-by burpings. We don't think the girls should be leaving the show soon after those performances. Besides, Froderman's bunny slippers are too cute, just like she is.. Source & Video

'SYTYCD': Ashley and Kent compare dancing with all-stars vs. contestants

"So You Think You Can Dance" Season 7's new format threw most of the fans for a loop. With the all-stars in play, there were less finalists this time around, which we're still not thrilled about, but we'll take what we can get. As the competition got underway the first few weeks, we weren't so sure about the all-star pairing since they mainly served to highlight just how untried the competitors were. Occasionally, an all-star and a contestant had decent chemistry, but it was still odd to watch a performance and still have our eyes drawn to the all-star. To Read More Click Here .

The 'SYTYCD' Top 8: Who's Going Home?

Just when we thought the most interesting thing on So You Think You Can Dance this week involves the same-sex partnerships, the unexpected happens: Alex Wong suffers an injury. And judging from what Nigel Lythgoe said last night, it could be serious: everyone fears that Alex suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, which would force him on the sidelines for months -- and, if the MRI results suggest he can't perform next week, could spell the end of his run on the show. Not really the best ending for a contestant we've waited two seasons to perform on the SYTYCD stage, right? That makes tonight's results pretty interesting. If Alex's injury proves serious, he could be sent home tonight, and while the judges have all the say on who packs their bags at this point, it's still possible that more than one dancer goes home tonight. Of course, if the doctors say he's just fine, one of the remaining finalists will go home -- and judging from what transpired last night, a guy is still going home. So, as always, here's the result of my weekly ritual: my bottom three, as well as John's bottom three, and your bottom three as gleaned from last night's poll. Must be interesting how tonight pans out. To Read More Click Here .

So You Think You Can Dance Front-Runner Alex Wong Injured

One of So You Think You Can Dance's early front-runners, Alex Wong, may be out of the competition for good after sustaining a foot injury during rehearsals. Wong, 23, ruptured his Achilles tendon during rehearsals with partner Adechike Torbert on Tuesday and was unable to perform on Wednesday's episode. Per the dance competition's revised rules, Wong will automatically be put in the Bottom 3 and face a possible elimination on Thursday's episode. A source close to the show tells TVGuide.com Wong plans to see a doctor sometime before Thursday's episode, in order to determine the extent of his injury and how much time he'll need to fully recover. A Vancouver native, Wong was most recently a principal soloist with the Miami City Ballet before making into Dance's top 11. Source Here