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Five Things You Don't Know about tWitch

Yes, he crushed it with the now injured Alex Wong on So You Think You Can Dance's amazing hip-hop routine, and sure, his abs are sick. But that's not all the awe-inspiring all-star returnee (aka Stephen Boss) has going for him. 1. His star is rising. In addition to this month's Step Up 3-D (which will be showcased during tonight's episode), the charming freestyler will also be kicking it on DVD this fall. Stomp the Yard 2 comes out September 21, says tWitch, adding that he "absolutely" has plans to do more movies. 2. He's got a geeky side. "It's an amped-up version of me," he says of his gadget-loving comic-book nerd character in Step Up 3-D. "Superman is my favorite. To Read More Click Here .