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'So You Think You Can Dance' Spoilers: Who Does What on Top 11 Week?

After two (fast!) weeks of auditions and last week's introduction to the Top 11 and the All-Stars, the competition will really begin. This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the random hat will come back, the choreographers will get busy again and the phone lines will open as the first week of proper competition begins. First, a review of what will happen: The finalists no longer pick a genre out of the hat, but instead will pick an All-Star, and they will dance to that All-Star's style. Only one person goes home every week instead of two. And, in a move that I haven't read about since it was first announced, the judges will choose who to eliminate all the way through to the finale -- although we get to pick who the bottom three are, of course. Now, to the spoilers for this week's performance show, which come from the folks over at SYTYCDism. They note that since performance shows will be taped early on Wednesday rather than on Tuesday like previous seasons, these spoilers will be less detailed (which explains why some are merely marked "ballroom"). Still, this week's list gives us a pretty good idea what to expect on Wednesday night. To Read More Click Here .