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So Ellen Thinks She Can Dance

While last night's So You Think You Can Dance finale was all about awarding Lauren with the grand prize, the grand surprise was Ellen DeGeneres joining All-Star tWitch for a recreation of his epic hip-hop routine with Alex Wong from earlier this season. Girl crushed it! Of course, Ellen has shown us she can get down on her daytime talk show, but who knew she had those kind of moves? Decked out in the same gear Alex sported during the set, and armed with a few tweaks (or would that be tWeaks?) that played to her comic side, DeGeneres did more than just work that floor and hold her own against arguably the show's best dancer. She also gave an encouraging shout-out to kids considering a life on stage and displayed incredible class in light of that whole Idol ouster. In fact, if Nigel Lythgoe were smart, he'd be asking Ellen to consider adding a seat at this judges' table to her dance card. Source Here

Behind the Scenes at the So You Think You Can Dance Finale

Moments before they were called on stage for the announcement of the big winner, the last two So You Think You Can Dance contestants, Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd, gave each other reasons why the other would win. Says Froderman, "I told him that he would win because he came from someplace so small [Wapakoneta, Ohio] and he's accomplished so much." And what did the Ohio country boy say to the Phoenix cheerleader? "He told me I would win because I worked my butt off." In the end, it was Froderman, a bubbly, 18-year-old contemporary jazz specialist, who walked off with the title, America's Favorite Dancer, a $250,000 paycheck, and the pleasure of knowing that she will be the new face of Gatorade. "I'm so delighted that she won, because I actually thought that Kent might," admits host Cat Deeley moments after the show, "purely because of all the screams he gets when he goes out there. But I love the fact that girls are voting for girls, and women are voting for women. She is strong, athletic, technically brilliant, and funny as all hell. She's completely kooky bonkers - she rides imaginary horses off the stage. I'm 33, and I kind of want to be her." To Read More Click Here .


If you’ve been watching Season 7 of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, I bet you were anxious to find out who the winner was. And now we know. So who won Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance? The winner is Lauren Froderman. Here is what she had to say: “I cannot even believe how amazing this journey has been! I feel so blessed, and am so grateful to my family, friends and fans. Thank you for believing in me and naming me America’s Favorite Dancer. This is truly a dream come true. Thank you, America, it was an honor dancing for you!” Any thoughts? Are you happy that Lauren won? Or would you have liked Kent Boyd or Robert Roldan to win? My pick was Robert, but oh well, at least he made it to the top three. And for those of you looking forward to the tour, this season’s Top 7 dancers will participate in the 40-city So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2010. The tour kicks off Sunday, Sept. 19 in New Orleans, LA, and tickets are on sale now. You can visit www.fox.com/dance for more information. Source Here

Ellen DeGeneres to dance with tWitch on 'SYTYCD' finale

Yes, it's happening. An insider confirms to EW that tonight's So You Think You Can Dance finale will include Ellen DeGeneres recreating injured contestant Alex Wong‘s hip-hop routine with tWitch. As first reported by Perez Hilton, DeGeneres taped the performance last night with tWitch after rehearsing for a month. The routine, to Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon featuring LMFAO, is considered to be the finest hip-hop routine ever performed on the show, and featured Wong working with his shrink (tWitch) to overcome his ballet baggage so he could hit hard on the Tabitha and Napoleon-choreographed number. DeGeneres responded to a fan's prediction that she'd be Wong's sub with the following Twitter tease last night: I like it! I wonder if it WILL happen? And this afternoon, she all but confirmed it: #SYTYCD finale tonight. Broke my heart when Alex had to drop out. Tonight, I do something and I hope it makes him smile. Source Here

Kent, Lauren or Robert: Who Will Win 'So You Think You Can Dance'?

Guess what, kids? I don't know what's going to happen tonight. Maybe I'm being too optimistic. Maybe the Lauren Froderman fan in me is denying that Kent Boyd will still take the win on tonight's So You Think You Can Dance finale. But after watching the performances last night, it looks like things are too close to call: there may be a shortage of memorable moments, but everybody stepped up to the plate. To boot, I was supposed to say something like, "the only thing certain tonight is that Robert Roldan will finish in third place" -- but as I write this, DialIdol is saying he's actually first. Consider me confused. To Read More Click Here .

'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 3 Finalists Revealed (VIDEO)

After a summer filled with ups (all stars!) downs (injuries) and some all-around spectacular routines, 'So You Think You Can Dance' is winding down its seventh season. The show revealed its top 3 finalists on this week's results show (Thu., 9PM on FOX), . Host Cat Deeley revealed that more than 10 million votes were cast to determine the final three contestants competing for the title of America's Favorite Dancer.[SPOILER ALERT] The first person announced safe was jazz dancer (and last woman standing) Lauren. Then Kent -- that corn-fed contemporary/jazz wonder from Wapakoneta, Ohio -- was also ushered through, and the soundstage was nearly brought down by ecstatic tween screams. And perhaps riding the wave of momentum that only increased with his impressive Viennese waltz and hip-hop routines from the night before, Robert nabbed the coveted finale's third and final slot. Which left fellow contemporary dancer AdéChiké the odd man out. And while he was emotional during Wednesday night's performance show, the dancer from Brooklyn was as cool as a cucumber upon discovering his fate. "It been an honor to be on the show," he said. "This is not the end of the road. This is only the beginning of the journey." When Cat asked what he'll miss most about his 'SYTYCD' experience, Chiké flashed his pearly whites and pointed to his fellow contestants down on the floor. "The homies, man," he grinned. "Who knew that homies came from Wapakoneta?" Cat wondered. Who indeed? Source & Video

And The So You Think You Can Dance Top 3 Are...

After eight weeks of high action on the So You Think You Can Dance floor, America voted off Adechike Torbert, naming Kent Boyd, Robert Roldan and Lauren Froderman Season 7's top 3 dancers. For the first time this season, the decision of who exited this week was entirely up to the audience, and after 10 million votes, Adechike was the eighth dancer to be sent packing. The vote comes as no surprise after several lackluster performances, coupled with the judges' continued harsh critiques. The 23-year-old's harshest critic was judge Mia Michaels, who on several occasions berated the dancer. "I was kind of surprised [he was eliminated] because of the fact that his voting has been really high," said Michaels backstage. "I was a little shocked, but I think America got it right and I'm very happy with the three that are in there." To Read More Click Here .

Five Things You Don't Know about tWitch

Yes, he crushed it with the now injured Alex Wong on So You Think You Can Dance's amazing hip-hop routine, and sure, his abs are sick. But that's not all the awe-inspiring all-star returnee (aka Stephen Boss) has going for him. 1. His star is rising. In addition to this month's Step Up 3-D (which will be showcased during tonight's episode), the charming freestyler will also be kicking it on DVD this fall. Stomp the Yard 2 comes out September 21, says tWitch, adding that he "absolutely" has plans to do more movies. 2. He's got a geeky side. "It's an amped-up version of me," he says of his gadget-loving comic-book nerd character in Step Up 3-D. "Superman is my favorite. To Read More Click Here .

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (Season 7) Top 6 Elimination: Who Went Home?

After the judges save last week, two finalists had to be sent home this week on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 7. Unfortunately an extra week didn't save Billy Bell who was sent home, as well as Jose Ruiz. And so that leaves us with the Top 4 dancers Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman, Robert Roldan and AdeChike Torbert, who will take the stage on Wednesday August 4 at 8pm in the hopes of making it to the finale. Here is what the Top 4 had to say to their fans: To Read More Click Here .

SYTYCD Top 6 Results Show: Ridiculosity Incarnate

Thanks for the great comments, everyone. I didn't plan to post again until after next week's episode, but couldn't help it given last night's results show. I'm not a fan of made up words, but I can only classify what happened last night as "ridiculosity incarnate". For those of you who missed it, Billy and Jose, as predicted showed up in the bottom three, but to my surprise, they were joined by Robert - my pick for strongest of the night. But here's the real kicker - the judges chose not to eliminate any of the dancers and instead will eliminate two next week. Here are their reasons: 1. Jose - although acknowledging Jose has not grown much in areas outside his expertise, the judges felt he has grown as a beat-boy. I disagree - while Jose's solo was impressive, I thought it simply indicated he had smartly kept some tricks up his sleeve for one last-ditch effort 2. Robert - after praising him on Wednesday night, the judges (except for Nigel) turned against Robert, claiming they have not seen him grow in these last weeks. This came from thin air, in my opinion, plus it ignores the fact that it's harder to show incremental growth week by week when you are already a really strong dancer. If Jose pointed a toe now and again, it would be considered leaps and bounds 3. Billy - the judges felt that sending Jose or Robert home over Billy would give Billy an unfair leg up on the remaining dancers (as he had benefited from a week's rest) and set a dangerous precedent for future dancers (as Billy had made the call not to dance on his own, even though the doctors cleared him). While I think there is some merit to this concern, they should have simply told Billy upfront, either you dance or you're out, rather than adding him to the bottom three, creating a de-facto situation that prevented them from eliminating anyone Does anyone else think it's "ridiculosity incarnate" to not eliminate someone on a show that, in addition to the 2-hour performance episode each week, makes fans suffer through a 1-hour ELIMINATION episode? To be fair, though, I did really enjoy the guest performances. Is it me, or does Enrique Iglesias have Benjamin Button syndrome? Plus, what happened to the mole he used to have? Auf Wiedersehen- Rebecca Greene