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Injury Sidelines So You Think You Can Dance's Billy Bell

Is this season of So You Think You Can Dance cursed? For the third week in a row, a dancer was forced to sit out of the competition because of an injury. The unlucky hopeful this week was 20-year-old contemporary dancer Billy Bell, who injured his knee during rehearsals this week. Bell's injury follows those of Ashley Galvan and early front-runner Alex Wong. Judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed the bad news at the beginning of Wednesday night's performance show. "He's been inspected by a couple of doctors, both of whom have said, 'No, you're okay to perform if you feel OK.' And Billy doesn't - Billy knows his body better than anybody and Billy certainly does not feel as though he can perform this week," Lythgoe said. To Read More Click Here .

'So You Think You Can Dance' exit interview: Ashley talks injury, love, and her status on the show

She might not have been an early favorite, thanks to a criminal lack of screen time, but So You Think You Can Dance's Ashley Galvan slowly crept her way into contention - until a fractured rib kept her from advancing further in the competition. Shortly after leaving the show, the contemporary dancer rang up EW to talk about her injury, whether she'll be coming back next year, and of course, reveal the lucky fella she's in love with. To Read More Click Here .

'SYTYCD' Robert: 'I danced the disco for Ashley'

"So You Think You Can Dance" is one of the most positive and inspiring shows out there, but lately, there's been a shadow cast over the performances. A devastating injury had taken the amazing Alex Wong out of the competition the previous week at his peak, and now this week, the incredibly skilled Ashley Galvan may possibly follow suit, having sat out the performance episode after hurting her ribs. Robert Roldan, who was supposed to be paired with Galvan for the disco, tells Zap2it about his disappointment when she was injured and his obviously close relationship with her. "I danced the disco for Ashley because I love her so much," he reveals during an interview backstage. "She's doing okay." Besides the disco, Roldan's first number of the night -- a heartbreaking contemporary piece by Travis Wall about caring for their mothers -- was hands down the most emotionally stirring routine of the episode. "I'm just so blessed and thankfu to have had that," says Roldan, adding that he hopes the viewers can tell "the dance comes from my heart." Source Here

So You Think You Can Dance's Ashley Galvan Injured

Another injury has hit a So You Think You Can Dance contestant. Ashley Galvan experienced rib pains during rehearsals Monday and had to sit out Wednesday's performance show, during which she was set to dance two different numbers with Robert Roldan and Pasha Kovalev. Glavan automatically was placed into the bottom three, as was the case with Alex Wong, who was sidelined from the competition last week when he lacerated his Achilles tendon. If Galvan is eliminated, that leaves one woman, Lauren Froderman, in the running for America's favorite dancer. Source Here

So You Think You Can Dance Judges Favor B-Boy Jose

Are the So You Think You Can Dance judges being too easy on break-dancer Jose Ruiz this season? "I think we are, absolutely," says executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe. So You Think You Can Dance's Alex Wong eliminated due to lacerated Achilles tendon "The choreographers' job is to get them through, not to try to challenge them beyond their abilities," says judge Adam Shankman. Isn't this a competition; shouldn't they be challenged? "The kid has never taken choreography before; isn't that a challenge?" Shankman retorts. "He has no training!" Even without training, Jose has yet to receive a technical critique like many others dancers have. Instead, they fawn over Jose for adding his own spunk and style to each of the numbers he's been assigned. To Read More Click Here .

'SYTYCD's' Soyon An talks wardrobe malfunctions, costume design secrets

On "So You Think You Can Dance," a wardrobe malfunction can be pretty serious business, not just because of unplanned exposure, but it could also affect a contestant's performance. Emmy-winning costume designer Soyon An -- who's also styled "American Idol," Carrie Underwood on tour and Susie Castillo -- tells Zap2it about the challenges of outfitting athletic dancers and one particular wardrobe malfunction on "SYTYCD." "I think a good example in terms of wardrobe malfunctions that happened recently was when Lauren Froderman, her strap broke," says An about the live June 30 routine Froderman danced with all-star Neil Haskell. "It had a hook and eye [fastener], and I guess the way she was dancing so hard that the metal hook bent backwards, so it came undone." To Read More Click Here .

'SYTYCD' Spoilers: Partial List of Top 7 Dances

Without Alex Wong, So You Think You Can Dance is a lot less dance-tastic, but the Top 7 must move on. This week the contestants will all take on two routines once again, one with a fellow dancer and one with an All-Star (except for one, who's stuck with two All-Star dances because of the math). SYTYCDism has some spoilers for who's dancing what, and based on some of their info, we can try to fill in the gaps. First, for the more general spoilers, it seems Jose Ruiz will be the one with two All-Star dances this week. They also know that Dmitry Chaplin choreographed a rumba and that Louis van Amstel has two routines. In other words, it sounds like we're getting three ballroom numbers. Since Adechike Torbert and Billy Bell are the only two to avoid ballroom so far, their time is definitely up. To Read More Click Here .

'So You Think You Can Dance's Alex Wong: 'I'm Not Finished'

Who didn't shed a tear last week over Alex Wong's early exit from 'So You Think You Can Dance?' The 23-year-old dancer, who'd given up his position at the Miami Ballet to be on the show, had won over both the audience and the judges with his astonishing versatility. He seemed a good bet to win this season. Now, he faces an operation to repair his ruptured Achilles tendon and three months of recovery. Nigel Lythgoe told Alex that "of course" he is invited back next season. Alex talked to TV Squad about his brief time on the show and whether he plans on taking Nigel up on his invitation. To Read More Click Here .

'SYTYCD': Allison Holker discusses 'painful' rib injury

"So You Think You Can Dance" injuries have often been the bane of the competitors' existence, but all-star Allison Holker is the one being sidelined this time around. The 22-year-old contemporary jazz dancer had announced on Twitter she was sitting out from the show for one week, and was kind enough to take time from her recovery to tell Zap2it the details of her rib injury. "I'm feeling okay," she says, "disappointed obviously that I'm not going to be able to dance this week, but it's completely understandable why. Pain-wise, it really hurts, it does, but more than anything I feel bad that I'm not dancing. I have to tell you I've had some really major injuries. So this would only rank at a 4 or a 5 [on a scale of 1-10].'' To Read More Click Here .

'SYTYCD' Lauren and Ashley: Girl power and manly burps

"So You Think You Can Dance" eliminated three ladies the first three weeks of competition, leaving only Lauren Froderman and Ashley Galvan up against the six guys. The girls, however, are arguably the best of the bunch, and on the Wednesday (July 7) performance show, both received positive feedback for each of their two dances apiece. Both Froderman and fellow contestant Kent Boyd had recently attended their real high school proms, so the "prom" dance choreographed by Travis Wall hit close to home, and she tells Zap2it about getting emotional after hearing the judges' comments in an interview backstage after the show. You also hear more about her "manly" burps. Apparently, Boyd isn't the only victim of her drive-by burpings. We don't think the girls should be leaving the show soon after those performances. Besides, Froderman's bunny slippers are too cute, just like she is.. Source & Video