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Soft Focus At Atp

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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Ian Svenonius heads out to the Catskills to challenge, probe, and enlighten our favorite artists at this year


Buzz Osborne

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Buzz Osborne is still in our books as the all-time king of heavy stoner shit. The day he graduated high school he turned to three of his friends and said “Hey, let’s form that band the Melvins.” After 20 years of making slow, stomach-wrecking doom rock with them, he joined some of the guys from Napalm Death and one of the guys from Brutal Truth to make fast, stomach-wrecking hardcore with Venomous Concept. We’re not even getting into the part where he more or less personally ushered Thrones’ Joe Preston and Kurt Cobain into the music world. Our favorite thing the Melvins did was when they all put out simultaneous solo albums like Kiss and our favorite thing King Buzzo did outside the Melvins was when he produced the final Cows album. He’s also the only person alive who can wear a full-length duster without it looking stupid. Ok, it still looks stupid, but stupid-good. See the rest at VBS.TV: Buzz Osborne - Soft Focus at ATP | VBS.TV

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