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Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 6 Review

"Somehow, I really do think there’ll be more to come," Viva says in the final seconds of this sixth episode, which can easily be read as some not-so-subtle lead-in to a second series of  Some Girls . Does it deserve a second go of things? Maybe, but something tells me that only a small section of viewers will hold on to  it. Coming towards the end of the year, the comedy was the third in a string of  BBC3 sitcoms that arrived with mixed  results. There was Jack Whitehall’s  Bad Education , American-invasion comedy  Cuckoo and, now,  Some Girls . With a view to showcase upcoming talent with the help of some of the UK’s brightest comedy stars, this story of four schoolgirls navigating adolescence on a council estate was obviously the least star-studded. It was also the weakest, but it wasn’t the fault of the four young actresses. Read More... //

Some Girls Series 1 Episode 5 Review

There’s an anti-bullying campaign going on at the girls’ school in  this week’s  Some Girls , and Viva and her friends are about as competent at helping exiled mean girl Ruby as they are at everything else. Unlike past episodes the action  takes place entirely within the school , and we get our first  real peek at the different cliques and groups contained within the building. There are the pretties (or boob Nazis as the girls have dubbed them), the misfits and the sweaties (the girls football team) and, in true Inbetweeners -style, we find we’re following the group with the least external identity. When a member of the boob Nazi clique is exiled and forced to befriend Viva, worlds collide. Read More... //

Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 4 Review

Love is in the air on this week’s  Some Girls , as both Saz and Viva get involved with inappropriate men. For Viva it’s the local bad boy who allegedly killed a one-armed man in the kebab shop, and for Saz it’s a seemingly perfect boyfriend who her friends are sure she made up. It might be just because we’ve had time to get used to the characters, but  Some Girls  is getting more and more enjoyable each week. All four girls have a great chemistry together and, while they can sometimes be loud and over the top, all of them are promising comedy actresses. This is especially true for Amber and Holli, who both get to pick up the slack while the other half of the group are off chasing boys. The main story thread running through this week’s episode is Amber’s pizza club, which turns out to be a Christian group that lures students in with free food and hot chocolate. Read More... //

Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 3 Review

In the third episode of BBC3’s answer to  The Inbetweeners ,  Some Girls , the ladies do a spot of babysitting, 2012 style. These girls are immature and live on a council estate, but are let into an OCD-sufferer’s pristine home – can you see what might go wrong with this scenario? To be fair, the obvious red wine spill on the carpet and general mess in the flat isn’t the end of the story, and Viva, who’s responsible for the creepy child next door, manages to come out of the episode largely unscathed. Charged with babysitting on the night the girls have decided to throw an anti-Brandon party for distraught Amber, she invites her friends round to keep her company. Brandon has a new girlfriend, much to Amber’s mortification, and it turns out that they might have even made a baby together. Read More... //

Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 2 Review

Now that we’ve been introduced to Viva, Holli, Saz and Amber, BBC3’s  Some Girls  has the difficult job of keeping us interested in their lives. Admittedly, this second episode  doesn’t deviate much from the first in terms of story but, for the same reasons, this means it could hold on to those taken with the premiereepisode last week. People have been calling the show the female version of  The Inbetweeners , and it’s not a bad summation. Whenever Amber starts to become irritating, for example, I just think of how fond I am of that series’ Neil, playing the fool in a group of four 17-year-olds stuck in a stifling environment. The rest of the girls don’t really fit into the same mold as Simon, Will and Jay, but the comment still has legs. Are we more accepting of four boys having (or, at least, trying to have) underage sex, drinking, and having noambition , than we are of girls in the same situation? Reaction to  Some Girls  in relation to its portrayal of British youth certainly seems to suggest as much. Read More... //

Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 1 Review

BBC3 has a reputation to uphold with new comedy  Some Girls , about a group of four young Londoners trying to transcend their surroundings and maintain their tight bond. An area of the UK (and the capital, given the Olympics PR effort) not often seen on light-hearted television,  Some Girls  continues the channel’s concentration on the genuine lives Britain’s youth. Judging by this first episode, the show is actually going against the grain in its portrayal of life on the inner-city estates, as our main character, Viva (Adelayo Adedayo), is an up-beat, ambitious girl with a good head on her shoulders. We meet her as she tells us how ‘some girls’ aren’t her, and she doesn’t fit the stereotype we might label her with. This is, of course, she introduces us to some of her friends on the same estate; a single mother dropping cigarette ash on her baby and maintaining her energy levels with copious amounts of cider. It’s a mission statement of sorts, with the show acknowledging our preconceptions before dealing with the alternative. Read More... //