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Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 Finale Preview

It's time for retribution, Sons of Anarchy fans! All-season long SAMCRO has been trying to settle scores one way or another, whether it's between its members or its rivals. But vengeance is about to really take form tonight in the second season ender entitled "Na Trioblidi." When we last saw Sons of Anarchy, AJ Weston was sent to jail for starting the fire at Caracara while Zobelle and his daughter Polly ended up behind bars as well for possession of drugs. As we all know, prison isn't where Jax or Clay envisioned their sweet revenge to take place. But under Chief Unser's watch, it's possible that SAMCRO need not do anymore damage to Zobelle and Weston, who are likely to reap each other to shreds now that there's a big wedge between them, thanks to Jax's revelation to Weston about Zobelle's shady drug dealings with the Mayans behind his second-in-command's back. But I'm sure SAMCRO will still try to rid Charming of Zobelle and the League outside prison, permanently, even as familiar faces present new challenges. For more clues about this 90-minute special TV event, check out the trailer below. Source & Preview