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Sons of Anarchy: Preview of Episode 2.9 "Fa Guan"

Charming continues to be a battle ground for SAMCRO and its many rivals, proving that the tension in Sons of Anarchy is far from running its course. In tonight's episode called "Fa Guan," we see the our favorite motorcycle club deal with the aftermath of the death of Luanne, who was killed after Jax, Bobbie and Opie taunted and threatened her rival porn producer Georgie Caruso for stealing some cameras in Luanne's porn studio. While all fingers point to Georgie Caruso, the death of Luanne may possibly be caused by Zobelle and his men, as speculated by Gemma and Unser. Meanwhile, the porn business is becoming more trouble than it's worth as Clay continues to put the blame on Jax for what happened to Luanne. Jax won't take the guilt though and even pushes Clay's button as he dimly brings up Donna's death, which leads to a new level of hostility between the stepfather and stepson. At the same time, Clay pushes for a greater emphasis on the gun-running cartel but has to deal with Ernest Darby, the head of the Nordics, a white supremacist gang which is mainly involved in meth trafficking. If you recall, Clay has already warned Darby not to sell drugs in Charming but Zobelle has given him full support, including money and manpower, so that Darby could continue with his meth operations in attempt to antagonize SAMCRO. Basically, Clay threatens Darby tonight, driving Darby to seek payback. Source Here

SONS OF ANARCHY "Fa Guan" Season 2 Episode 9 - Preview

Watch a preview of Sons of Anarchy "Fa Guan" Season 2 Episode 9 which airs on Tuesday November 3 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: When SAMCRO's adult-film business becomes a hindrance to the club, Clay seizes the opportunity to revive the gun-running cartel. As Jax and Clay continue to clash over club activities, their relationship reaches a new level of antagonism. Source & Preview