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Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 Finale Preview

It's time for retribution, Sons of Anarchy fans! All-season long SAMCRO has been trying to settle scores one way or another, whether it's between its members or its rivals. But vengeance is about to really take form tonight in the second season ender entitled "Na Trioblidi." When we last saw Sons of Anarchy, AJ Weston was sent to jail for starting the fire at Caracara while Zobelle and his daughter Polly ended up behind bars as well for possession of drugs. As we all know, prison isn't where Jax or Clay envisioned their sweet revenge to take place. But under Chief Unser's watch, it's possible that SAMCRO need not do anymore damage to Zobelle and Weston, who are likely to reap each other to shreds now that there's a big wedge between them, thanks to Jax's revelation to Weston about Zobelle's shady drug dealings with the Mayans behind his second-in-command's back. But I'm sure SAMCRO will still try to rid Charming of Zobelle and the League outside prison, permanently, even as familiar faces present new challenges. For more clues about this 90-minute special TV event, check out the trailer below. Source & Preview

Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 Finale Predictions

While we wait for SAMCRO to rid Charming of Ethan Zobelle and his cohorts once and for all, let me leave you with some thoughts on what might go down in tomorrow's Sons of Anarchy second season ender. I have not seen "Na Trioblidi" yet so technically there won't be any spoilers here surrounding the much anticipated season ender. But read no further if you want to go into the final episode of Sons of Anarchy completely blind. As a show that incessantly deals with aggression, hostility and lots of shocking moments, I'm inclined to believe that someone won't live to see the end of the season. It's pretty obvious that some of SAMCRO's enemies will bite the dust so, no, I'm not referring to Weston, Zobelle or other members of his crew. In fact, the League was already dead to me the moment Gemma told Jax and Clay about her gang rape. Right now, my money's on Tara or Unser. This is just mere speculation though. After all, SAMCRO has already lost Luann Delaney, Gemma's best friend, in the episode "Potlatch" and her death alone could already account for the clue earlier this season that it's "someone close the club." On the other hand, Luann probably won't be the last to go now that things are about to get dangerous for everybody associated with the club. This season's loss will probably be more gripping and striking than losing Big Otto's old lady. Based on the preview trailer for tomorrow's finale, someone is holding Tara at gunpoint, though the culprit's identity is not known. I can only assume it's Weston and it's all part of payback. Considering how Sons of Anarchy somewhat stays true to Hamlet, Tara's death shouldn't really come as a surprise to fans of this show. I do think, however, that killing her off this season is too soon. Chief Unser, on the other hand, seems to be the popular choice among Sons of Anarchy fans based on our poll question posted two months ago. Aside from the fact that he already has cancer, he's also so deeply entrenched with the club's activities that I can't help but worry about his fate on the show. After all, how long can he toy with fire without getting burned? Again, this is just my opinion. While it would really hurt me to see either of these two get killed off, it would definitely be meaningful, unexpected and provide great material for another great season. What are you predictions for tomorrow's episode? Source Here

Sons of Anarchy: Preview of Episode 2.12 "The Culling"

If you enjoy seeing SAMCRO at war, then you'll love what Sons of Anarchy has in store for "The Culling," the penultimate episode of season 2. The fight between SAMCRO and the League may have been anticipated all-season long but considering how brilliant and gratifying this whole season has been, it's safe to assume that everything about tonight's episode will blow your expectations. After all that love and forgiveness in last week's episode, SAMCRO returns with a new lease on life. The newly reunified and invigorated Jax and Clay prepare to fight the League while the entire motorcycle club family goes on lockdown inside the clubhouse. You can catch a glimpse of "The Culling" in the promo trailer below and I'm sure you'll get chills down your spine. Source & Preview

SONS OF ANARCHY (SOA) "The Culling" Season 2 Episode 12

Watch a sneak peek of SONS OF ANARCHY "The Culling" Season 2 Episode 12 which airs on Tuesday November 24 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: SONS OF ANARCHY "The Culling" Season 2 Episode 12 - Jax and Clay keep SAMCRO focused on their impending showdown with Zobelle's group; thanks to Gemma, Tara improves her job security at the hospital; Weston finally discovers his boss's intentions in Charming Source & Preview

Sons of Anarchy Preview: "The Culling" - Season 2, Episode 12

The bad news: there are only two more episodes remaining on season two of Sons of Anarchy. The good news: is there any doubt this show will go out with the loudest bang on television? Many critics now believe Sons of Anarchy is the best drama on TV. On Tuesday, the FX hit will look to continue its hot streak with an episode titled "The Culling." During the hour, all of SAMCRO goes on lockdown inside the clubhouse, as Jax and Clay prepare to battle The League. Elsewhere, A.J. learns the truth about Zobelle's dealings in Charming. Check out the official trailer for the episode below, followed by a trio of stills from it. Remember: we recap and review every installment of this incredible show soon after it concludes... Source & Preview

Sons of Anarchy: Preview of Episode 2.11 "Service" 11

How do you follow up "Balm," which has been labeled the best episode of Sons of Anarchy? Leave it to the brilliance of series creator Kurt Sutter and company as the show moves on to its 11th installment called "Service." Gemma's revelation about her rape last week serves as the first step in what appears to be a very long healing process. However, her tragedy is so huge that it throws everything else, even Jax and Clay's hate for each other, in the backseat. And now that Jax is officially back in the club, we can expect that tonight's episode is about nothing but revenge. SAMCRO has learned its lesson though. They've been hastily attacking on all directions for the past several episodes but this time, they're determined to study their enemy first before striking hard. Bottom line is that they need to find the League's weakness and they need to retaliate smart. After a lengthy period of mayhem, it will be nice to see SAMCRO unite for one good cause. But will that still be the case when they learn about Chibs secret deal with Agent Stahl in order to protect his wife and daughter? Meanwhile, Opie deals with his own problems as he seeks both revenge and reconciliation. Source & Preview

'Sons of Anarchy' 2.11 Preview: Service

" Sons of Anarchy " next week will all be about accumulating plan to get a retaliation, with Jax suggesting to Clay "We kill them all". In this week's episode called "Balm", the whole truth came out when Gemma tells SAMCRO what really happened to her. In continuation of that, Opie seeks both revenge and reconciliation, while Chibs makes a secret deal with Agent Stahl to protect his wife and daughter. In the season 2 premiere Gemma was the victim of a gang rape but she chose not to tell the boys and claimed it was an accident. Tara was in the know of this but she also kept it a secret. Maggie Siff who plays Tara said, "The revelation of what happened to Gemma is so big in and of itself that it's kind of distracting from everything else around it. There isn't a ton of blowback. It's something that's dealt with, but at the end of the day it's pretty easy to understand why Tara's kept that secret." "Service" will be aired on Tuesday, November 17 on FX Network. Source & Preview

SONS OF ANARCHY: "Balm" Season 2, Episode 10 - Preview

Watch a previewof Sons of Anarchy "Balm" Season 2 Episode 10 which airs on Tuesday November 10 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: Sons of Anarchy "Balm" Season 2 Episode 10 - While the repo business proves more fruitful than the club ever imagined, ATF Agent Stahl gets up close and personal with the MC. Meanwhile, the tension between Jax and Clay forces Gemma to make a tough decision. Source & Preview

Sons of Anarchy Q&A: Katey Sagal on Season 2, Playing Gemma, and More - Featured

It was clear from the get-go that Sons of Anarchy was going to be a gritty, tougher-than-nails drama, and if Katey Sagal didn't show us in Season 1 her character Gemma was going to be just as tough, she sure has in Season 2! SideReel joined in a Q&A with Katey Sagal and got the scoop on what's to come for the rest of Season 2, what it's like to play Gemma, and plenty more: Sons of Anarchy Q&A with Katey Sagal Don't miss Sons of Anarchy Tuesdays on FX at 10/9c!

Sons of Anarchy: Preview of Episode 2.9 "Fa Guan"

Charming continues to be a battle ground for SAMCRO and its many rivals, proving that the tension in Sons of Anarchy is far from running its course. In tonight's episode called "Fa Guan," we see the our favorite motorcycle club deal with the aftermath of the death of Luanne, who was killed after Jax, Bobbie and Opie taunted and threatened her rival porn producer Georgie Caruso for stealing some cameras in Luanne's porn studio. While all fingers point to Georgie Caruso, the death of Luanne may possibly be caused by Zobelle and his men, as speculated by Gemma and Unser. Meanwhile, the porn business is becoming more trouble than it's worth as Clay continues to put the blame on Jax for what happened to Luanne. Jax won't take the guilt though and even pushes Clay's button as he dimly brings up Donna's death, which leads to a new level of hostility between the stepfather and stepson. At the same time, Clay pushes for a greater emphasis on the gun-running cartel but has to deal with Ernest Darby, the head of the Nordics, a white supremacist gang which is mainly involved in meth trafficking. If you recall, Clay has already warned Darby not to sell drugs in Charming but Zobelle has given him full support, including money and manpower, so that Darby could continue with his meth operations in attempt to antagonize SAMCRO. Basically, Clay threatens Darby tonight, driving Darby to seek payback. Source Here