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Sons of Anarchy Cast and Creator Spill Season 5 Secrets, Scoop

Coming off a revealing panel at Comic-Con , along with a series of exclusive interviews with TV Fanatic , the cast and creator of Sons of Anarchy stopped by the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday. What can we expect from Sons of Anarchy Season 5 ? Let's explore, character by character, shall we?   Sons of Anarchy Preview: Sister... JAX isn't going anywhere. For a long while, says Kurt Sutter, who told reporters SOA will "definitely include Jax and perhaps Gemma and Clay" going forward, adding: "I don't think the show continues without Jax because it's his journey." CLAY will be "the same guy, but dealing with a totally different set of circumstances," said star Ron Perlman. We know Season 5 action will pick up six weeks after event that concluded Season 4 and that Clay will be on Oxygen. DAMON POPE : Played by Harold Perrineau and seeking vengeance against Tig for killing his daughter, Sutter said this character might not be the bad ass gangster fans are expecting: "Pope [is] a guy who had come out of the streets and really changed the perception of who he was... I knew I wanted an actor who could play all those levels; that you would believe him in a suit and tie standing in front of a City Council meeting and at the same time, someone who had the depth and the ability to turn dark." TIG : We'll likely meet his daughters, Fawn and Dawn, both of whom could be in trouble. NERO PADILLA : Played by Jimmy Smits and described as someone Sutter had been "thinking of for a couple seasons." He went on: "We landed on the idea of Nero being a guy who was an outlaw but from a different environment and a guy that was a little bit more of an older brother or potentially a mentor figure" to Jax. GEMMA : Will hook up with Nero, as Katey Sagal says her outcast biker mama will see him as a "kindred spirit" during a time when she feels very lost. "Gemma lost all the things that really mattered to her. Her marriage is falling apart, her son has now gone to the head of the table, which she always wanted, but her daughter-in-law is giving her problems, not necessarily including her. So she's falling apart through most of this journey." Sons of Anarchy returns with new episodes on Tuesday, September 11. //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/07/sons-of-anarchy-cast-and-creator-spill-season-5-secrets-scoop/

'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5: Kurt Sutter on Harold Perrineau and Jimmy Smits, plus the show's 'endgame'

"Sons of Anarchy" will likely continue on FX for another couple of seasons after this one, but creator Kurt Sutter says he's thinking more seriously about where the show will end than he has in previous seasons."I've said this before, but this is really the first season I've had to have a very clear sense of the endgame, because I realize this season I have to write to that endgame," Sutter said Saturday (July 28) at the Television Critics Association press tour. "I think the stakes get higher with each season, the circumstances get more dire, the wreckage gets deeper. ... "I don't know quite how all that will fall apart, but I know eventually it will."Pics: Overheard at the TCA summer 2012 press tourSeason 5, which premieres Sept. 11, opens a couple weeks after the events of the Season 4 finale, with Clay (Ron Perlman) on the outs with both SAMCRO and with Gemma... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/07/sons-of-anarchy-season-5-kurt-sutter-on-harold-perrineau-and-jimmy-smits-plus-the-shows-endgame.html

Sons of Anarchy’s Stunning Season 5 Poster Will Make You Stop and Stare

FX recently released the official poster for season 5  of  Sons of Anarchy . The imagery on the poster is stark, bold and captivating. At first glance, Jax appears powerful and totally in control while Clay stands far outside the circle of solidarity. One might also look at the same image and see Jax standing at the center of an oncoming onslaught and braced for a power play at every angle, while Clay watches menacingly from a distance. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/07/27/sons-of-anarchys-stunning-season-5-poster-will-make-you-stop-and-stare/  

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Behind The Scenes Video Plus Comic Con

In just a couple of months, Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy will hit the screens and flash through the brain-pans of millions of SOA fans left bewildered by the Season 4 finale.  Is Jax ready to lead?  Can he lead with Clay alive to dog him every step of the way?  How will SOA function now that they are captive servants of the CIA?  To each of these questions, and more, the Sons of Anarchy team  has without doubt developed satisfyingly explosive answers.  At the recent Sons of Anarchy Comic Con panel, the cast and creators addressed many of these aspects of the upcoming season and more. Kurt Sutter described the season arc about being "Jax at the head of that table and what kind of leader he will become."  At least part of that story will involve the addition of Jimmy Smits to the cast as an ex-gangster/mentor to Jax, and Gemma's (Katy Sagal) new love interest. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/P_1LfH0yhaM/

'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5: Clay 'literally starts off with nothing' says Ron Perlman at Comic-Con 2012

"Sons of Anarchy" showrunner Kurt Sutter rolled into Comic-Con with nearly all of the SAMCRO crew: his wife Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Maggie Siff, Theo Rossi, Ryan Hurst, Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates and Dayton Callie.To promote SOA's fifth season -- which FX announced premieres Tuesday, Sept. 11 -- the audience at Comic-Con's very last panel were treated to a sizzle reel that truly sizzled. In fact, one scene was so graphic that the video had to be blacked out per the convention's regulations. Audiences heard the audio loud and clear, however, and Sutter filled fans in on the missing detail: "That scene they blacked out was my wife getting f***ed from behind from [guest star] Jimmy Smits. With that tease, I hope you all show up for the premiere." In another explosive scene in the trailer, new club president Jax Teller (Hunnam) is moving weapons when the SAMCRO convoy is ambushed by Damon... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/07/sons-of-anarchy-season-5-clay-literally-starts-off-with-nothing-says-ron-perlman-at-comic-con-2012.html

Sons of Anarchy at Comic-Con: Gemma vs. Tara, Jax vs. Clay, Tig vs. Sanity

Sons of Anarchy closed down the television side of things at Comic-Con today, revving its engines for a panel discussion inside Hall H that included scoop on Gemma and Tara's relationship, Jax as SAMCRO President and the promise of many bare male backsides. "For me, this is really the season of Jax at the head of the table and what kind of leader he will become," teased creator Kurt Sutter. "Can you be the leader without become Clay? And can you avoid becoming Clay without being viewed as weak?" Other tidbits, spoilers and fun facts revealed: A sneak peek depicted Tara in a bathtub, gun at her side; Clay living alone and sucking down Oxygen, Piney-style; the club being run off the side of the road by a truck, leading to a highway-set shootout. Sutter on the evolving relationship between Tara and Gemma: "It's really the push and pull of mother-daughter relationships. It's not a linear arc this season for them in terms of that struggle. It really changes episode to episode." Kim Coates on the state of Tig: "[He's] really off the leash. He's totally a wild card now and the way Kurt has set it up for this character, it's really, really intense." After joking (or not?) to Charlie Hunnam about not getting "too comfortable" in that President's seat, Ron Perlman said of Clay: "[He] only knows one way, and that is to be on top. He takes a back seat to no one… So, we see him in the beginning of Season 5 and every single thing that he’s worked for in his life has been taken away from him - except his life." Jimmy Smits' Nero will have sex with Gemma. Opie will be back... and featured prominently on episode two. Sons of Anarchy Season 5 will premiere on September 11. Return later this week for TV Fanatic's exclusive video interviews with every SOA cast member in attendance, and find out why Hunnam is so angry about the leaked photo of himself and guest star Ashley Tisdale! //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/07/sons-of-anarchy-at-comic-con-gemma-vs-tara-jax-vs-clay-tig-vs-sa/

Joel McHale to Guest Star on Sons of Anarchy!

Community's Joel McHale is coming to Sons of Anarchy this fall... in a multi-episode arc no less! No, really. McHale joins the FX hit as Warren, who's described as "a handsome con artist who picks the wrong person to double-cross." Additional details surrounding the actor's role are scarce at the moment. Sons of Anarchy cast member Katey Sagal will reportedly be working closely alongside McHale, however, a fact corroborated by this photo she tweeted of the two together on set Thursday. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/07/joel-mchale-to-guest-star-on-sons-of-anarchy/

'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5 poster finds Jax as the new king and Clay on the outs

The SAMCRO circle has just gotten smaller. The newly released "Sons of Anarchy" Season 5 poster has Clay (Ron Perlman) singled out as the club now centers around its new king, Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). SAMCRO's loyalty is clearly in the hands of Jax as they all stand at the biker equivalent of attention in anticipation of his order.As all club eyes are on Jax, focus yours on this season's first teaser. Now that our Hamlet is in power, what kind of leader do you think he will be? "Sons of Anarchy" returns this September on FX.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/07/sons-of-anarchy-season-5-poster-finds-jax-as-the-new-king-and-clay-on-the-outs.html

Kurt Sutter Teases Sons of Anarchy Season 5: Which Way Will Jax Go?

Months before Sons of Anarchy Season 5 kicks off in September, and days before he and his cast take the stage at Comic-Con, Kurt Sutter sat down with TV Guide for an in-depth interview. Touching upon the personal lots of various characters, the creator first summed up his theme/vision for the season ahead. What kind of SAMCRO President will Jax Teller make? "Is he going to become J.T., his father? Or is he forced to become a leader like Clay? Does the nature of the outlaw world force you to be that sort of Machiavellian kind of guy who ultimately has to do things behind the club's back to protect the club? The flip side of that is: If you don't become Clay, are you then perceived as weak? Are you forced to become J.T., who ultimately got overwhelmed by it all?" Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/07/kurt-sutter-teases-sons-of-anarchy-season-5-which-way-will-jax-g/

Sons of Anarchy Scoop: What Kind of Leader Will Jax Become?

There's a new face at the head of the table this season on Sons of Anarchy . After Clay ( Ron Perlman ) killed Piney ( William Lucking ), put a hit out on Tara ( Maggie Siff ) and beat his wife Gemma ( Katey Sagal ) to a bloody pulp in an effort to protect his secrets, Jax ( Charlie Hunnam ) ousted his stepfather from the president's seat. But it's going to be far from a cushy job. Jax has the immediate threat of retaliation from Damon Pope (guest star Harold Perrineau ), whose daughter was accidentally killed...  //www.tvguide.com/News/Sons-Anarchy-Season5-Kurt-Sutter-1049840.aspx?rss=breakingnews