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'Sons of Anarchy's' Mark Boone Junior on Bobby's Bloody Journey (Q&A)

"I did not expect to feel the way I did when I watched this".   Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/5lxpsWDmEvo/story01.htm

Sons of Anarchy Postmortem: The Show's Latest Victim Speaks Out

  [WARNING: The following story contains spoilers fromTuesday'sepisode of Sons of Anarchy . Read at your own risk.] On Sons of Anarchy , you expect a high body count. And because it's the show's final season, we always feared that some of the core club members might not ride their motorcycles off into the sunset. On Tuesday'sepisode, that fear became a sad reality....   //www.tvguide.com/News/Sons-of-Anarchy-Postmortem-Mark-Boone-Jr-1088706.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'Sons of Anarchy' Actor on Latest Death: It's 'Freedom'

The actor, whose alter ego was killed off in the most recent episode of the show, says he hadn't predicted his character's death.   Read More... //www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00076785.html

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 9 “What a Piece of Work Is Man”

Sons of Anarchy  “What a Piece of Work Is Man” Season 7 Episode 9 airs on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT on FX. Episode Synopsis : Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 9 “What a Piece of Work Is Man” – The club deals with heartache internally and conflict with the organization at large.   Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/11/04/sons-anarchy-season-7-episode-9-piece-work-man/

'Sons of Anarchy' Episode 7.9 Photos: Conflict and Heartache Strike SAMCRO

Official photos for Sons of Anarchy "What a Piece of Work is Man." SAMCRO is dealing with heartache internally while Bobby remains held by August Marks and conflict with the club at large due to Jury's killing. Juice remains in prison with an offer on the table to help the cops find Tara's killer and the murder weapon. Is it just a ploy to get close to Lin?   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/sons-of-anarchy-episode-79-photos-conflict-and-heartache-strike-samcro-1682.aspx

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of November 3, 2014

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it—with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   Sons of Anarchy Tuesday at 10:00pm on FX Why: Because it's important to find out who else is going to die! I mean, even Gemma's birds weren't spared. THE BIRDS! Who kills birds? See also: people. Prepare to talk about: Whether Jax has passed the point of redemption; how far he's strayed from his father's vision for SAMCRO; whether Gemma's birds can ever REALLY be replaced (we'll never forget you, Gemma's birds!).         How To Get Away With Murder Thursday at 10pm on ABC Why: Because this episode is called "He Deserved to Die" and there are just so many people this could refer to. Plus, Michaela has to deal with pre-nup dramaaaaaaa and if that's not must-see TV, what does that term even mean anymore? Prepare to talk about: How the law on this show bears no resemblance to the law in real life BUT THAT'S WHY WE LOVE IT; how the real hero of this show might actually be Bonnie Winterbottom (a name almost as good as Oswald Cobblepot ) for being there to clean everything up and always having great hair; whether they'll actually get away with murder.     Homeland Sunday at 9:00pm on Showtime Why: Please see the picture to the right. Carrie's looking really intense there, so something's bound to go down. Prepare to talk about:  Why everyone at the CIA kind of terrible at their jobs; how Carrie's big into sleeping with her subjects and how that probably reflects more on her self-esteem than her skills as an intelligence agent; how Saul's beard is entering mountain man territory.       Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of SideReel.com. You can follow her musings on  Twitter .