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Sons of Liberty The Uprising Review (Part 2)

The Uprising improved from Sundays first installment but still suffered from my previous complaints. Like A Dangerous Game, this outing had an exciting scene before the opening credits, slogged through the first hour, and then finally upped the pace for the second. Where Sons of Liberty rose is this: less Ben Barnes as Sam Adams [] //

'Sons of Liberty's' Ben Barnes is the bad boy of the American Revolution

The History Channel's six-hour mini-series take on the founding fathers' lead up to the American Revolution continues on Monday night (Jan. 26) with part two of "Sons of Liberty." In part one, audiences saw Sam Adams (Ben Barnes) and his fellow Bostonians increase their rebellion as the British increased taxation and supervision. Tensions rise until they culminate with the Boston massacre and Adams realizes they are past the time for tax evasion schemes and it is time to prepare a full-on rebellion.While dozens of stories have been told about the American Revolution period of the country's history, "Sons of Liberty" takes an action packed look at the time period leading up to the war. Those with a basic knowledge of the period are familiar with names like George Washington, John Hancock and Paul Revere -- but "Sons" places the emphasis on Sam Adams as a Robin Hood-esque hero that spurs the Revolution to life.... //

Sons of Liberty Review Part 1 A Dangerous Game

Why does there have to be sides? Because there are. The Revolutionary War is having a comeback on tv as of late. Sleepy Hollow started the resurgence in 2013 followed by Turn: Washingtons Spies last year. And now the History Channel is in on the action with Sons of Liberty. To begin, this is my [] //

Sons of Liberty: Was the Premiere of History's Miniseries Revolutionary?

A group of unlikely acquaintances unite to take down a common enemy in Historys Revolutionary War drama Sons of Liberty, and to paraphrase a famous quotation from the era its a time that tries even the most patient TV viewers soul. The opening installment of the cable channels scripted miniseries, which premiered Sunday and [] //

Sons of Liberty Is Pretty Good, In Between the Action Scenes

  The ad campaign for Sons of Liberty makes it look like The Avengers in powered wigs. Jason O'Mara is George Washington!Michael Raymond-James is Paul Revere! Dean Norris is Ben Franklin! They face the viewer, heads slightly inclined, glowering joyously: a secret society of early American heroes, fanning out across the Colonies, taking the fight to the Crown.At first this three-part History Channel series, which debuts tonight , seems like it'll live up to its ad campaign, to its detriment, and dumb history down into spectacle and action for action's sake. It gets better and slightly deeper as it goes along, but never to such an extent that you wouldn't rather be re-watching HBO's John Adams , or maybe 1776 .   Read More... //

'Sons of Liberty' takes a few too many liberties on History

Seven years ago, the History Channel became just plain History, a single-word name being perceived, one supposes, as hipper, more youthful, like Common or Fergie.   Read More... //

Television Review: Sons of Liberty on History Looks at American Revolution

Sons of Liberty, a mini-series on History, is a prequel of sorts to the American Revolution.   Read More... //

Sons Of Liberty Review: Dominic Patten On Action-Packed Revolutionary Series

Debuting January 25, History 's latest scripted miniseries, Sons Of Liberty , is, as I say in my video review above, a down-and-dirty, action-packed look at the American Revolution. But just know that thisthree-night event is definitely no tea party of a historical romp though a certain get-together in Boston Harbor is featured. As is a great turn by Breaking Bad and Under The Dome star Dean Norris , playing a very savvy and smooth-talking Benjamin Franklin.   Read More,,, //