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It's 2018 and Somehow South Park Is Hulu's Most Popular Show

  Typically streaming services keep all of their viewer data secret. Netflix doesn't even tell producers how their shows are doing. But Hulu just bucked the trend and got a little transparent about the most popular show it carries.  ...Read More...

'South Park' Creators Offer Fans a Chance to Be In an Episode

The unique opportunity is via donating to Next for Autism.   ...Read More...

It’s Never Been More Challenging to be a PC Principal on the Next South Park

After parodying the declining viewership and attendance of the National Football League due to the national anthem protests during the previous episode, South Park will tackle the challenge of being a PC Principal this coming Wednesday. Prepare for another half-hour of laughter with Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and the townsfolk of South Park on its next episode titled "Super Hard PCNess." "It’s never been more challenging to be a PC Principal. PC Principal is wrestling with some unfamiliar feelings. Meanwhile, boys will be boys except for Kyle who, for the first time, seems to see things differently from the rest of his friends," according to a statement released by Comedy Central regarding on what will happen on the show this Wednesday. You can now speculate on what current events will the show tackle and parody on its next episode. READ MORE...

The Crown, Outlander, and Other Shows to Watch on Thanksgiving Weekend

It is our solemn duty to eat too much food, collapse onto a sofa, then binge-watch television in a tryptophan-induced haze.  ...Read More...

'South Park' Takes Shot at Harvey Weinstein

The same joke was repeated as the kicker, which plays as the credits roll.   ...Read More...

South Park Blames Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for Fake-News Debacle

Franchise Prequel is one of the seasons scrawnier episodes.   ...Read More...

'South Park' to Skewer White Oppression, Genealogy Sites

"Turns out I'm not totally white. I am also part northern Asian and even some Kurdish. I'm a victim of oppression," one white character says.   ...Read More... //

'South Park' Mocks Trump's Incessant, Reckless Tweeting

The show never actually uses the "T" word, calling him the president, but it is clear that Mr. Garrison is still the character.   ...Read More... //

South Park Sends a Message to Trump About North Korea and Nuclear War

Dont be on your phone while being president.  ...Read More... //

'South Park' Takes Aim at North Korea in New Episode

This is hardly the first time Trey Parker and Matt Stone have poked fun at the supreme leader.   ...Read More... //