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South Park: After Two Decades, Its Still by the Seat of Their Pants

While the shows staff has grown exponentially, the Comedy Central series remains fundamentally the work of its creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.   Read More... //

Why we need South Park more than ever

Praise the Crab People! South Park is back. Before the 20th season premiere of the foul, incisive, brilliant cartoon satire commenced Wednesday night on Comedy Central, its eight-month absence was palpably felt by world-weary TV fans. Since the last episode of Season 19 aired on Dec. 9, 2015, Donald Trump became the Republican Partys nominee... ...Read More... //

'South Park' Asks J.J. Abrams to Reboot the National Anthem Amid Controversy

The ongoing presidential election season is also a major plot point in the episode.   Read More... //

South Park Tackles Kaepernick Scandal, Trump's Incompetence in Premiere

After a nine-month hiatus,Wednesdays South Park season premiere a sharp cocktail of hot-button issues went down sweeterthan a Member Berries-flavored smoothie. Oh, what are Member Berries, you ask? Theyre kind of likeVeggie Tales characters, oozing with nostalgia for all the treasures of yesteryear: Star Wars, Chewbacca and, most importantly, when marriage was strictly [] //

South Park: 20 Classic Episodes That (Thankfully) Went Way, Way Too Far

If youve never been offended by South Park well, you havent been paying attention. Kicking off its landmark 20th season on Wednesday (Comedy Central, 10/9c), creators Trey Parker and Matt Stones gleefully provocative cartoon is the textbook definition of equal-opportunity offender. Liberals, conservatives, celebrities, religious icons all of them have felt the wrath of [] //

'South Park' Mocks Colin Kaepernick Protest in Season-20 Promo

"Why did I listen to Colin Kaepernick? Hes not even any good. ...Read More... //

South Park to 'Reboot' the National Anthem in Season 20 Premiere

Following a nine-month hiatus, South Park is finally rejoining the cultural conversation. With so much happening in the world right now, the Comedy Central staple has a lot to say and a lot to sing about, apparently. Wednesdays season premiere (10/9c), curiously titled Member Berries, is giving the National Anthem a reboot, according to [] //

Are You Really That Surprised South Park's New VR Game Let's You Smell Farts?

Of course it's called Nosulus Rift.  Read More... //

South Park's Parker and Stone on How Their Anti-P.C. Fight Differs From Trump's

And how Wonder Pets is ripping them off. ...  Read More... //

'South Park 20': 20 big highlights from the awesome Comic Con panel

20 big highlights from the "South Park 20" panel at San Diego Comic Con with Matt Stone and Trey Parker....   Read More... //