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South Park Recap: Trappin at the Old Folks Home

After a string of Trump episodes, South Park steps back to goof around again.   ...Read More...

South Park Ridicules Statue Protesters and Columbus Critics

This tone-deaf episode paints a depressing portrait of a world that doesnt allow for genuine decency.   ...Read More... //

South Park Premiere Recap: A Fresh Coat of (White) Paint Grade It!

Remember when South Park wasnt going to tackle current eventsas much this season? Yeah, about that The gleefully irreverent cartoon came out guns (and tiki torches) blazing in Wednesdays Season 21 (!) premiere, taking the not-so-funny Unite the Right protests in Charlottesville last month and spinning them into comedy by making them absolutely ridiculous. (You [] //

South Park Season Of Serialization Ends With Donald Trump Surrogate Still In White House

South Park s season of serialization came to an end; sadly Mr. Garrison / Donald Trump stand-ins presidency did not appear to join it. On the bright side, the good folk of South Park did learn how easy it is to prompt Garrison/Trump to action by mocking him, though they could have learned that much quicker had they spoken to Lorne Michaels or Alec Baldwin. In the season finale oh, yeah, spoiler alerts Cartman decided not to escape to Mars after discovering men do not ...Read More... //

Cartman Tries to Stop Mars Colonization as 'South Park' Concludes Season 20

The most recent episodes have been particularly hard on the Trump character, represented by Mr. Garrison referred to as "Giant Douche." ...Read More... //

South Park: "Not Funny" Review

South Park’s 20th Season is rapidly approaching the endpoint now, and things just keep getting weirder. On top of all the familiar ongoing storylines, "Not Funny" brought a much-loved character back into play after a long absence and showcased Kyle’s mom at her most hysterical. The result was another jam-packed and satisfying installment, though at this point it’s getting hard to imagine the final episode wrapping up these many story threads on a completely satisfying note. There’s a lot of ground still to cover. A sense of fatalistic doom settled across South Park this week as the town braced for the imminent activation of Troll Trace and the inevitable Fort Collins-style post-apocalyptic meltdown that will follow. But leave it to Kyle to swoop in and save the day (or at least try to) with one of his trademark pep talks. Kyle’s speech was an amusingly meta reflection on the show’s unusual format this season. In the old days, these characters used to be proactive and solve their problems in the course of half an hour. Now they’ve resigned to sit back and suffer through an entire season of the same conflicts, week after week. READ MORE...

South Park Season 20 Episode 9 Review: “Not Funny”

Being around for 20 seasons, South Park never fails to innovate, pivot, or do whatever is necessary to keep the show fresh and engaging. With their recent shift into some more serialized stories, it has brought a new element into the show and given it a stronger long-term strength that was not around before. South Park still delivers it’s weekly sub-stories and jokes, making sure to hone in the weekly episode’s themes on current events, but no matter what, Trey Parker and Matt Stone just continue to prove how smart and calculated they are with this show. "Not Funny," begins to push towards season 20’s finale, and while there are still numerous plot lines for the show to tie up, it seems like the South Park creators have something grand in store. READ MORE...

South Park Makes the Case for Anti-Trump Satire

"Not Funny" argues for South Park s relevance in the Trump era. ...Read More... //

South Park Season 20 Episode 8 Review: “Members Only”

South Park is always a lot more interesting when it’s an election season, and that primarily happens because of how much the presidential race dominates the topics of episodes. The election is the most important event to come around every four years, and the show never fails to touch on what it thinks about the state of the country and the possible future leaders. This season and the last have only been more extreme because of the two candidates the country ended up with, and last week’s results really set a lot in motion for South Park. Between the events in America as well as the Troll Hunter software nearing a worldwide release, the show has left a lot in question, and it will be interesting to see if South Park’s big 20th season will somehow shift the landscape of the show going forward. READ MORE...

South Park: "Members Only" Review

These past couple episodes of South Park have served as a major showcase for just how adaptable Trey Parker and Matt Stone can be. Last week, "Oh, Jeez" had to be reworked at the very last minute to reflect Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory. And as continuity-driven as this season has been from the start, that shake-up is still having ramifications. It’s clear that whatever plans Parker and Stone may have had back in October have changed significantly since then. But the fact that the Season 20 conflict is still so entertaining speaks highly of their ability to improvise. In some ways, the fact that Mr. Garrison won the election rather than Hillary Clinton actually seems to jive better with the show’s general direction this year. It certainly fits with the whole Member Berries concept and the idea that political developments like the Brexit vote and Trump’s election show humanity clinging to the past rather than trying to move forward. As this episode explores a world rapidly being consumed by fear and paranoia, the season begins to feel more timely and relevant than ever. READ MORE...