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As with many South Park storylines, "Insecurity" began with a misunderstanding of Three's Company proportions as Ike mistook his parents' sexual roleplaying for his mother banging the UPS man; a simple slip-up, but one that would ignite an explosion of problems for Wolf Home Security -- and, in a more literal sense, for the aforementioned UPS man. It wasn't long before Ike's crude drawing of the act made the rounds among the male denizens of South Park, prompting a counterstrike against UPS and, by effect, Amazon.com. Read More... //www.ign.com/articles/2012/10/11/south-park-insecurity-review

South Park Review: Banes on the Loose

This week,  South Park  tackled a real hot-button issue: home security systems! Those are still a thing apparently, and " Insecurity " at least took them on with humor – and Batman references. So, it all started out as a goofy sitcom misunderstanding: Ike walks in on his adopted parents having sex, with Gerald dressed up as the UPS man. He’s traumatized, he tells Kyle (with a crudely-drawn picture of the act), and the next thing we know, everyone’s got security systems installed in their body and a gang of Banes is beating up security men. The typical hacky sitcom plot progression. Really, the whole set up seemed kind of hacky, what with jokes about "ordering stuff from Amazon you don’t even remember buying," but that’s why it all worked: it was so inherently ridiculous that it just had to be enjoyed. Plus, Cartman got to serve as the voice of reason as he kept pointing out how silly security services calling a home phone after a break-in would be, even if it was on an internal security system. It’s all just seems kind of absurd, though the point did get hammered in a little bit too much. The parody of the way the home security commercials are shot was spot-on, though. Read More...   //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/10/south-park-review-banes-on-the-loose/#ixzz296efcPFU