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Southland Scoop: Lou Diamond Phillips to Guest-Star

Lou Diamond Phillips will guest-star on the Season 4 premiere of TNT's Southland , has learned. The former NUMB3RS and Stargate Atlantis star will play Danny Ferguson, a physically intimidating beat cop who is deeply cynical about law enforcement. His views cause more than a little tension with Ben ( Benjamin McKenzie ) and Sammy ( Shawn Hatosy ), but when the time comes to put up or shut up, Ferguson proves to be an exceptional officer...  //

Dorian Missick Cast as Series Regular on Southland

Southland has found yet another partner for Lydia Adams. Dorian Missick has signed on for the role of Ruben Robinson, the latest detective who will be assigned to ride with Regina King's no-nonsense character. He'll first appear when season four debuts on January 17. Missick most recently starred as Marty Voyt on NBC's short-lived The Cape . He'll be listed as a series regular in 2012, but we'll see how long he lasts as Lydia's partner. Her most recent union with Josie Ochoa fell apart after Lydia was caught sleeping with Josie's son. //

'Southland' returns in January; 'Closer,' 'Leverage' back in November

TNT has laid out its schedule of originals for the end of 2011 and the early part of 2012, including the return of "Southland" in January and new episodes of "Leverage," "The Closer" and "Rizzoli & Isles" starting in late November.The channel is also kicking off a movie franchise on Tuesday nights, featuring adaptations of popular crime novels."Leverage" will be the first show back. The back end of Season 4 kicks off Sunday, Nov. 27 and will run for eight episodes. "The Closer" and "Rizzoli & Isles" will return the following night, each for five episodes.Then on Tuesday, Nov. 29, TNT will kick off its "Mystery Movie Night" franchise with "Scott Turow's Innocent," a legal thriller starring Bill Pullman, Marcia Gay Harden and Alfred Molina. New movies will air on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week."Southland" begins its 10-episode fourth season on Jan. 17. Lucy Liu has joined the cast as a special guest star and... //

Lucy Liu Joins Fourth Season of TNT’s 'Southland' as Special Guest Star

via press release: Lucy Liu Joins Fourth Season of TNT’s Acclaimed Series Southland as Special Guest Star Emmy®-nominated actress Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill: Volume 1) has been cast... //

'Drop Dead Diva' Casts 'Southland' Actor as a Romantic Interest for Jane (Exclusive)

It could take a lot to get Jane’s ( Brooke Elliott ) mind off Grayson ( Jackson Hurst ), but  Drop Dead Diva  is sure trying. The Lifetime series has cast a new love interest for the reincarnated attorney. Sources confirm to  The Hollywood Reporter  that  Lex Medlin , 42, will appear in the current season’s last four episodes airing in September. Medlin plays Owen French, a charming judge who asks Jane out after presiding over her cases in court. Read More... //

Southland Stars Celebrate Series Renewal and Seasons to Come

Southland   is one of the smartest cop shows anywhere, and that's in no small part thanks to the supersmart actors who play the LAPD boots on the ground in the gritty TNT series. E! News just caught up with  Michael Cudlitz ,   Benjamin McKenzie ,  Regina King  and   Shawn Hatosy  at the Paley Center for Media, and the stars spilled about what's to come and what it means for them to get their   latest series renewal . Cudlitz told Michael Yo, "We, by all accounts, shouldn't be here, standing here today making this show. And we are and it's a testament to the fans for letting everybody know that they really want it to stay on the air and TNT for really standing by behind something they believe in. We just couldn't be happier." Read More... //

TNT Renews 'Southland' for Season 4

'Southland' fans, put down those petitions -- TNT has renewed the critically acclaimed cop drama for a fourth season. The gritty, realistic series, which takes an intimate look at life for the officers and detectives of the LAPD, has been given 10 more episodes for Season 4. After a bumpy start on NBC and subsequent move to TNT, the series averaged 2.9 million viewers this season, up 6% compared to the Season 2. Read More... //

'Southland' Season 4: Where will they go from here?

"Southland's" third season ended with a powerful finale in which Officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) finally admitted to his serious painkiller addiction after being confronted with the impact it was having on his job -- and on his rookie-no-more partner, Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie). Seeking treatment wasn't exactly voluntary -- Sherman threatened to turn Cooper in if he didn't man up. With the officers presumably not working together anymore, we're left wondering where the show will go from here. TNT has not yet picked up the drama for Season 4, so Cudlitz and Sherman have yet to talk to producers about the next step for their characters."I think they'll go back in and decide all of that later, but I think that door has been left open for many, many changes including and not limited to the ones that you see at the end of the episode," says Cudlitz. If the show doesn't get picked... //

'Southland' Star Michael Cudlitz Says No S.O.S. Needed -- Just Bring a Friend!

I'm not trying to be a TV hypochondriac, but the impending season finale of 'Southland' is making me anxious. Hear me out: I've been a huge fan and an avid supporter of the show since the beginning. And when NBC cancelled it after airing only one short season, pulling the plug as they were in the middle of shooting season 2, I was quick to help rally to keep the show alive, along with many loyal fans and critics. We've been along for the ride through ups and downs and some serious character lowpoints -- especially this season, which was a darker turn for the series. So naturally, I want another season for more time with the extremely talented cast, but also for some much-needed character redemption. Read More... //

SOUTHLAND “Fixing a Hole” Season 3 Episode 8 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of SOUTHLAND "Fixing a Hole" Season 3 Episode 8 which airs Tuesday, Feb 22 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis: SOUTHLAND "Fixing a Hole" Season 3 Episode 8 – Sammy seeks answers in the desert. Lydia and Josie babysit an important alcoholic witness before a murder trial. And John and Ben go against procedure to help a child in need. Read More... //