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Space Brothers Episode #99 Anime Review (Series Finale)

With Space Brothers getting a film this summer that provides more back story to the characters youth, it’s kind of nice in a way that at the start of the show here, we go back to the beginning a bit as well as the brothers have their UFO encounter. But it also goes to show that the brothers are very much on a good path, one that had Mutta leading the way when they were young, but now has Mutta catching up and eventually moving past him, which is how he feels since it seems like Hibito’s career has ended up in that place where it can no longer progress because of what happened on the moon and the fallout from it. These kinds of threads and the way its visualized is very nicely done and definitely shows us how, over the past ninety-eight episodes, events have lead us to where we are now. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #98 Anime Review

Hibito’s story didn’t exactly dominate in a way in the previous episode, but it was interesting to see how things are going in his particular world. While he’s achieved a lot and moved past the problems that he had, at least in a controlled situation, he’s still not made it past the higher ups who don’t have the same kind of faith that Chief Butler does about his getting back into the program. And that’s going to keep Hibito from really getting back in the swing of things since he’s not going to be assigned any missions. Which is understandable, but there’s also the PR side that’s being ignored a bit since part of each mission in an agency like this has to focus on it. The dangers of Hibito are certainly real, but there’s more to it than just that which is being missed. And for Mutta, his concern is only starting to grow. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #97 Anime Review

Space Brothers moves time forward nicely here and there, though I’m admittedly glad that it skips certain events when it does so. With this episode, we’re focused on the New Year’s celebration and that means we miss out on the obvious and contrived potential of a Christmas episode, which makes me quite pleased. The fun of the New Year’s episode taking place in Houston means that we don’t get some of the usual traditions, but we have some good family material since the brothers parents end up coming to visit. The two of them are obviously quite different, much as the brothers are, but it’s fun to watch how they all interact together in the house and the kind of simple but understanding relationship that exists between them all Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #96 Anime Review

With a heavy focus on Betty the last time around, Space Brothers managed to work well in that it showed the team starting to reveal things about themselves and forge connections. Eddie Jay has provided the right catalyst for getting everyone on the same path and that’s definitely a good thing. What had me worried though is that we’d spend the remaining episodes of the series doing more of the same in a direct manner which would be a kind of awkward way to draw things to a close for awhile. Luckily, they aren’t keeping us stuck in the desert for all that long when you get down to it as the show shifts away, including giving us some time with Kenji and his family as they’re figuring out ways to adapt to being in Houston and America for more time. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #95 Anime Review

Though things moved a bit faster in some ways than you’d care for, bringing Eddie on board in the previous episode actually had him trying to get these misfits to work together. Not that it will be very easy overall and not that there won’t be challenges, but it was good to see some minor progress made quickly to get things moving along and showing that he may have what it takes to properly motivate them without them realizing it at first. And you also had Mutta realizing what was going on, which is good, as it got him to finally be really excited about their potential with what they can do. He’s on the path he needs to be for his dream and it’s just right there in front of him and he can now really savor and enjoy the process while working hard. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #94 Anime Review

Space Brothers made things pretty clear what’s going on with Mutta and the backup crew he’s been assigned with and it does admittedly make a whole lot of sense. While a lot of the previous episode focused on how management works in the way Chief Butler has put together the oddballs of the program with the hope that Mutta can once again be the catalyst to bring out the best of them, it was a really fun piece that made me enjoy that whole working the puzzle angle that every large organization has to deal with. But we also got some solid character material and background because it focused on Brian Jay’s older brother Eddie and that he was being brought back into the formal program again after never making it as far as he wanted to for a variety of reasons. A connection like that for Mutta to discover has so much potential. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #93 Anime Review

With the revelation in the previous episode that Mutta’s backup crew is essentially made up of the misfits that don’t work well with others, it was made apparent why it was done just as quickly. Mutta’s been the type over his candidate training and then afterwards that has continually found a way to bring very different people together through his personality and sense of purpose, being a special part of a group that’s able to smooth over things and move it all forward. So it makes a lot of sense that he’d be involved in this as a potential catalyst to turn oddballs into a cohesive unit. But even more important, Mutta will be fully behind the plan that he’s going to be a part of as Hibito and Sharon have re-entered the picture as the whole lunar telescope mission has changed even after Mutta made some ideas about how to do things during the underwater trial. Both brothers have a longing to give Sharon what she’s always dreamed of and that’s huge motivation for them to actually achieve it. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #91 Anime Review

Spending time focusing on Hibito may frustrate some fans since so much of the show was originally all about Mutta, but the show is titled Space Brothers and Hibito has had some very good story material over the course of it. And both of them definitely push each other in different ways to grow and become better, though it’s not always obvious. With Hibito’s struggles to get back into the program, it’s been very understandable considering what he went through on the moon. And seeing him put through things again now as he does his best to survive the tests and to move past it is well executed. There’s a lot to like with what Hibito is going through in terms of survivability, but it’s the way in which he does it that really draws you in. That’s hampered a bit by the drawn out approach the show uses, but that’s also part and parcel with the style of the series. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #92 Anime Review

Hibito’s test took up about the time one would expect when you get down to it. While there’s the appeal of just rushing through it and getting on with things, there’s also the way the show tries to be as realistic as it can within context and that means showing the effort of the test itself. Especially after spending so much time with Hibito as he worked through the issues mentally and with the help of friends and others around the world. To not give his test enough weight would cut down on the importance of it all. So having a good number of supporters, his brother included, make it at the end to give him the support he needed just made it all the more worthwhile. And opened things back up again for the two brothers to fully move forward in their own paths towards the same goal. Read More... //

Space Brothers Episode #90 Anime Review

Space Brothers had some good but difficult material the previous time around as it dealt with not just Mutta getting his mission assignment and doing backup work but also seeing how Kenji and Nitta were put in a different place that has them on track but with a lot longer wait. Combining that with seeing Hibito moving himself forward finally and making it clear to Chief Butler that he wants to get back in and will do anything provided us with a lot of ups and downs. It’s the kind of show that can make management decisions in a large agency interesting since there are so many personalities and little things going on. It also helps that we have some good characters and connected moments between them and the management side that it’s easy to see how they weave in and out of their lives. Read More... //