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Japanese ‘Space Dandy’ Anime DVD/BD Releases Will Be Bilingual

Space Dandy  is proving to be an interesting show if only in how it’s making seemingly everyone do things differently. With a dub airing at the same time as the original version in Japan, the US getting both versions made available and word of the home video release coming in late 2014 at least through Anime Limited in the UK, now we’re seeing how Bandai Visual Japan is handling their home video release. The show is slotted to begin its DVD and Blu-ray release on April 25th and they’ve confirmed that it will have both dubs and subs on it. The layout is a bit different though when it comes to pricing: Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/01/09/japanese-space-dandy-anime-dvdbd-releases-will-be-bilingual/