Sparrow's Hotel
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Sparrow's Hotel

"Wish Upon a Star"

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Shiokawa looks at a bamboo tree decorated with the wishes of people and ponders on the dark nature of humanity. He happily rejoices at Tamaki's wish to not be related, which he misinterprets as the only barrier to their marriage, much to Tamaki's irritation. On the rooftop, Yu invites Sayuri to write a wish, but Sayuri claims that her wish had already come true. As Yu, thinks out loud on what Sayuri means, Sayuri compliments Yu's unrestrained nature causing her to crumple her tanzaku (?? tanzaku?) since she doesn't have to change herself. Afterwards, as Sayuri leaps off the roof, Misono and Yu remark that Sayuri is indeed strange but interesting, and herself along with Billy and the rest help the make hotel a success.
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