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SPOOKS (BBC) Series 9 Episode 1 Review

Series 9 of SPOOKS leads in smoothly from series 8, with the team attending the funeral of fellow agent Ros, who died in an attack in the last series finale. In the spirit of full disclosure I should tell you that I've only seen a handful of Spooks episodes over the last eight years. It's not a series I've ever sat down and watched avidly - and I really wish I had. Murder, terror plots and romance - what more could a series want? This episode focuses on a terrorist plan by a Somalian member of Al Qaeda. He's trying to transport explosives into Britain and it's up to undercover agents Lucas and Dimitri to stop him. However, things go a bit pear shaped and while both agents - and private contractor Beth Bailey - come out of things unscathed, the same can't be said for London. The twist of having the ship's engineer, the very same man we had just been sympathising with, supply the means for the terrorist attack was brilliantly jarring. Suddenly he was the enemy and it was no longer Dimitri in imminent danger but the UK itself. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now