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TV's Best Sports Shows

When done well, sports-themed TV shows can really score. There's nothing more inspirational than a locker room pep talk that pushes a team toward greatness, and there are few things as tense as an underdog's last-second attempt to defeat an unstoppable opponent. So we're taking a look at the best (scripted) sports-related television: TV's Best Sports Shows Launch Slideshow Which shows do you think should have made the list? Weigh in below! p { text-align: justify; }

Might Aaron Sorkin Come Back to TV?

I stumbled across this article in EW's Popwatch and I can only hope it speaks the truth. The great Aaron Sorkin (man behind The West Wing , as well as its short-lived predecessor Sports Night and follow-up Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip ) might be considering a return to television. From EW: "A source close to Sorkin says the uber-writer is in talks with Entourage to guest star on the comedy once it returns to HBO in July. And there may be more good news on the horizon: Although his dance card is filled with must-finish screenplays (a Facebook movie! A courtroom drama for George Clooney called The Challenge!) word is that Sorkin is mulling over the idea of a new TV drama that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a cable news program (think: Keith Olbermann's show on MSNBC)." Granted, Sorkin's other two behind-the-scenes TV shows were short lived (Sports Night and Studio 60), but none of them were bad (not even Studio 60, despite what some claimed). And...just watch any West Wing episode that the man wrote and you'll see the great TV he is capable of creating. So..who's with me in hoping this comes to be?

A Sports Night Reunion on SVU

For anyone that loved Sports Night and watches Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (a small cross section of people, I imagine), you'll be thrilled to know that 2 fomer Sports Nighters, Josh Charles (more recently on In Treatment ) and Teri Polo, will be appearing as a married couple in an upcoming episode of SVU. Source: TV Guide